No SnapMap or Mod Support for Quake Champions

The popular modding mode for Doom will not be making its way to Quake Champions, or will modding in general, says creative-director Tim Willits.

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SlappingOysters1220d ago

Seems like a bit of a shame. Not every mode has to be eSports specific.

1219d ago
machtkampf1219d ago

So far it is PC only and it has no mod support .... that is ridiculous. Could you imagine some of the stuff we would've never had to play if they weren't mods first?

Paytaa1219d ago

Yup, games like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress wouldn't exist without the ability to mod games and look how successful each of those games are.

TheCommentator1219d ago

Agreed. I really don't understand why they wouldn't include Snap Map though. It would at least allow for moderated content creation and keep a MP ecosystem thriving with regular new content.

SlappingOysters1216d ago

Because the game is not on id Tech 6 - so there is no SnapMap code in the engine.

Sam Fisher1219d ago

Well there goes quake down the gutter too