Xbox One Backward Compatibility update: Four new games confirmed by Major Nelson

Microsoft has once again released another batch of backwards compatible games which are now ready to play on Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

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Eliseo6762242d ago

This games already were Backward compatible.

The update made it so that we could use the Xbox One Wheel Control with them, for better racing. This should have been the news.

Kingthrash3602241d ago

They are just trying to make minor news, big news for hits. Smh

XanderZane2241d ago

Who's they? Microsoft didn't make the article. " made the mistake but stacking their stories on top of each other. It seems the B/C story for those games was first and the site just stacked Major Nelson's announcement on the bottom. Seems like a typical click bait article.

Genuine-User2242d ago

I would love to play Splinter Cell Blacklist with increased performance and VSync enabled. Come on Microsoft, make it happen.

2pacalypsenow2242d ago

I just want a new Splinter cell game

SpaceRanger2242d ago

Agreed! I missed out with the early splinter cells and just want to play them. Pandora tomorrow and double agent were the only ones I got to play.

Top notch games!

2pacalypsenow2242d ago

You need to play Chaos Theory!

P_Bomb2242d ago

Bring back Michael Ironside!!

badz1492242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

@2pacalypsenow them on PC? No?

2pacalypsenow2242d ago

PC,Ps2,Ps3,Xbox,Gamecube whichever one

annoyedgamer2241d ago

Be careful what you ask for. Ubisoft might make another co-op game and call it splinter cell.

babadivad2241d ago

Hopefully thy go back to the roots of the Spliter Cell Trilogy. Those games were fucking amazing.

No Way2241d ago

Space Ranger - You can download a Splinter Cell game from Ubisoft for the PC here:!/en-...

diesoft2241d ago

@SpaceRanger Oh, man, do yourself a favor and pick up the HD trilogy if you can. I don't remember if it's on 360 or not but it's on ps3 for sure. Those are too good to miss! ESPECIALLY chaos theory!

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Idiedgoodbye2242d ago

They need nore Japanese published games on the BC list.

I'm waiting for.

Dark Arisen.
I wish PSO exclusives like FF7, FF9 could be released on Xbox One.

starchild2241d ago

Tenchu Z would push me over the edge to get an XB1. I'm a huge fan of the Tenchu series.

XanderZane2241d ago

Yes.. and they need more Japanese published games on the XB1 as well.

spoilerjerk2242d ago

I love how the biggest selling point of the Xbox One is the ability to play last generation games. Don't get me wrong, Xbox 360 had one of the best lineups in console history... Xbox One has one of the worst.

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Movefasta19932242d ago

This gen in general lacks great new ips.Off the top of my head,Bloodborne,Sunset,Shadow of Mordor...?

2242d ago
Movefasta19932242d ago

You got me wrong ABCDE lol i meant there are only a few new great ip

TheColbertinator2242d ago

Mordor isnt a new IP,its Lord of the Rings.

t-hall7852242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

I own all three of those games and thoroughly enjoyed all 3. We could definitely use some fresh IPS. But this generation seems to lose more on taking risks. I think we as gamers need to support new Ips better. I always see gamers asking for new ips on here then I look at the numbers a month later and its almost always disappointing.

vegasgamerdawg2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Dying light was fantastic. That's what drew me into this gen. The Witcher 3 (Not a new IP) and Dying lights open worlds make last gen look like child's play. I just recently played through GTA5 again and the world was empty and shallow compared to recent releases. Time is also a factor you must consider, not fair to compare the last 11 years to the recent 3-4. Games are much bigger, takes more time and expense to build, are other contributing factors. Like isn't black and white, you must include the every present variables.

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FreddyFazbear2242d ago

Well thats your opinion. To say xbox 360 has the best lineups in history. When its last 2 years theres not much exclusive releases and just the same old gears fable forza and halo.

2242d ago
DeeBeers2242d ago

Biggest selling feature of Xbox One is to play games. Period. Not Xbox's fault it can do tricks that the PS4 cant.

Owait... yes it is! =]

Trekster_Gamer2242d ago

Not the biggest selling point just something that every current Gen gamer would love and Microsoft delivered! Sony would have you pay AGAIN for games you bought last gen!

sammarshall1022241d ago

The biggest selling point? More like a great addition to an already great console

kraenk122241d ago

Not sure if it's much of a selling point at all, except for hardcore XBox fans.

No Way2241d ago

It's not the "biggest selling point" but it is a helluva selling point. Always nice to be able to ditch the last console but keep the awesome games.

BattleAxe2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

The PS4's lineup hasn't exactly been a pot of gold either. Heck, just look at No Man's Sky with a 68 Metacritic, Knack with a 54 meta, The Order 1886 with a 63 meta, Killzone: Shadow Fall with a 73 meta, Driveclub with a 71 meta, and on and on it goes!

FreddyFazbear2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

are we playing the numbers game again?? here are a list of games rated HIGHEST to LOWEST but I will only pick 14 games whether indie, remaster or full AAA from metacritic:
Xbox one exclusive:
ori and the blind forest - 88
forza motorsport 6 - 87
Titanfall - 86
Forza horizon 2 - 86
killer instinct season 2 - 85
Halo master chief collection - 85
Halo 5 guardians - 84
Gears of war ulti edition - 82
sunset overdrive - 81
dead rising 3 - 78
Quantum break - 77
project spark - 73
killer instinct - 73
Ryse son of rome - 60
PS4 exclusives:
Last if us remastered - 95
Uncharted 4 - 93
Bloodborne - 92
Final Fantasy XIV - 86
Ratchet and clank - 85
Resogun - 84
Tearaway unfolded - 81
Infamous second son - 80
Until dawn - 79
Littlebig planet 3 - 79
everybody's gone to the rapture - 78
Street fighter 5 - 77
Dragon quest heroes - 77
Warriors orochi 3 - 77

Seems to me the highest game from xbone is 88. none of its AAA games are even above that. Problem is, your just citing lower scored games from PS4 while I can do the same for Xbone. I just showed who has the best exclusives (Based on metacritic) even though im not fully on board with game reviews because for me the order and killzone were fine games. Go check metacritic again if you dont believe my list. I ordered them by exclusives and by score. most of the games on xbone giving it a score is a racing game. forza 6, 5 and 2 mamde 80 plus score. Wow thats the best xbox got? Bottomline: PS4 has more games than xbox one so its inevitable to also have several low scored games like the order and killzone but thats not really looking into the big picture isnt it?? i look at the metascore of xbox ones and almost all I see in the 90's score are multiplats. great job.

BattleAxe2241d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

@ Freddy,

The games that I listed were supposed to be 'key' games for the PS4, which never materialized into anything significant. It's interesting that Microsoft has more 'first party' I.P. in your list than Sony has. Sony has been relying hard on indies and 3rd party devs for their exclusives.

FreddyFazbear2241d ago

What the hell are you talking about? More first party? Are you that ignorant? Ori and the blind by moon studios 3rd party, titanfall by respawn 3rd party, gears by epic games 3rd party, sunset overdrive by insomniac 3rd party, dead rising 3 by capcom, quantum break by remedy 3rd party, ryse son of rome by Crytek. The only 1st party devs there are turn 10 double helix and microsoft studios. While sony games have naughty dog, sucker punch, media molecule and supermassive games. So sony still beat microsoft 4 to 3. You lose again bro. Just stop with the excuses and denial. Microsoft is very guilty of having 3rd party exclusive. And by the way sony has more 1st party studios than microsoft.

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