Xbox One S boosts Xbox One sales by 75%

The arrival of the new Xbox One S saw Xbox One console sales increase by more than 75% in the UK last week, according to a report by industry mag MCV.

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TwoForce1213d ago

Without the Kinect, Xbox One S is now boosting faster than the original Xbox One.

FITgamer1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

It was a boost of 7,000 units for the week of release. Since they never restocked that won't carry through out the month. Don't know what Microsoft was thinking shipping such low stock.

mark_parch1213d ago

the 500gb and 1TB will be out soon so don't worry. they will also be more desirable because of the price point. the gears 4 console will do well also thats the one i'm thinking about getting

naruga1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

competition is good i was starting to boring this generation with all the lame remasters ...and PS4 (which is the console of my preference) confidently resting on them..lets see what they r preparing for the real fight (of exclusives) which still to be seen

GearSkiN1212d ago

that Gears console is ugly tho

jb2271212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

"Don't know what Microsoft was thinking shipping such low stock."

Greenberg was obviously thinking "Gee, I sure would love to post to twitter that the Xbox One S sold out...."

It's kinda been as plain as day that the plan from the beginning was to do short runs on these things to create an artificial "demand" shortage, hence the reason why MS said they weren't worried when announcing the S & Scorpio at the same time. They always knew it was going to sell out because they manufactured it to do so. This release strategy was solely a way to get MS & the Xbox name out there in a financially successful & positive light, just like the "monthly active users", "2,000,000 headshots" & "Halo 5 combined sales". It's all spin, MS just has the money to pay the best marketing teams, i.e. the most creative liars.

The issue now is that while MS is working on replenishing XBO S stock for a true push, Sony is potentially preparing to release Neo before that happens, which will most likely mean that the second wave of XBO S consoles will look a fair bit less appealing by that point. The S is going to move units based off of the UHD stuff until a cheaper competitor hits the market, but it was never going to completely revitalize the sales, that weight will be solely on Scorpio's shoulders.

LexHazard791212d ago

@naruga, what does your preference of console and lame remasters have to do with sales increase¿

FITgamer1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

@Mark_partch Actually no, this article is referring to the UK. They haven't even announced a release date for those two models. The only model you can pre-order right not is the 2TB Gears edition.

GameNameFame1212d ago

That and price cut... $250 or low as $220.

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Rude-ro1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Ummm will it not have to sell over 3 million units in the first month to do that?
And you do realize that Microsoft reports shipped and npd uses that as well.
This year is the second lowest sales for a Microsoft consonle next to 2014, to boost does not need much to use the word.
Just saying.


Yeah. It's nice to see them get these small victories though. It's been all PlayStation since 2013. I think it's crucial they celebrate when they do get a W even though they are getting their bums handed to them.

Filmicfps1213d ago

Scorpio didnt gut X1S sales see. MS are playing it v smart.

Kingthrash3601213d ago

But it did....I think that percentage would be higher if they didn't announce it.
When halo dropped it boosted xbox sales 200%. a 75% boost is kind of low for a new console. But any boost is a good boost.

FITgamer1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

wrong reply

AngelicIceDiamond1213d ago

@King During a none holiday period no, its not. You always find something to complain about.

DeeBeers1213d ago

"but it did...."

lol. ok there pal, good story.

Also, I'm sorry I accidentally hit agree when I meant the opposite!

yomfweeee1212d ago

They sold out.... so it couldn't have sold more ...

hahaha1212d ago

@Kingthrash360 No offense. Unless you' ve been to the parallel universe where in that universe MS didn't announce Scorpio and they have achieved a higher sales percentage. Otherwise there is no proof that percentage would be higher if they didn't announce Scorpio.

Kingthrash3601212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Look I'm not being critical or anything. I'm happy for it...but ive heard so many people say they'll just wait for the scorpio...the Xbox s sold out in most places and that's good, I'm not taking nothing away from that at all....but with so many choosing to wait for the scorpio it's my opinion that it gutted the s. It wasn't a good move to announce both and date both at the same time....that business. Ms will never say they made a mistake unless they did a 180...but anyone in sells would tell you they lost potential sales announcing the way they did.
But whatever...I swear you guys are like trump voters.. ignore the obvious because he says what you want to hear.

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christocolus1213d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I'm glad to see that too. I'm just patiently waiting for Scorpio. I hope MS releases more info later in the year or early next year.


Nah. I don't think Halo 6 will be out next year. I'm thinking 2018 but they could just show a demo of Halo 6 running on Scorpio or include a free dlc chapter for Halo 5 fully playable with Scorpio VR.


I can see that happening.

DeeBeers1213d ago

With Halo 6 as showcase launch title...


slate911212d ago

Im predicting halo 5 revamped graphics and vr and a halo 3 remake (10th anniversary)

Filmicfps1213d ago


Ofc it would be higher but:

"a 75% boost is kind of low for a new console"


bleedsoe9mm1213d ago

that talk all stopped when the rumours hit that sony is about to do the same thing

MasterCornholio1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

"Scorpio didnt gut X1S sales see."

Would the boost be even higher if Microsoft didn't announce the Scorpio?


Yes I also believe the NEO is affecting PS4 sales as well.

kraenk121212d ago

This increase is just because of getting rid of the old stock and lots of fans replacing their old bulky system.

blackout1212d ago

It's called CHOICE. Thank you Microsoft. Now more Scorpio news.

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2cents1213d ago

Quite a shift of opinion towards team xbox.

Phil has maintained his dedication and focus to bettering team xbox on a daily basis and it sure is showing.

Keep up the good work. I would love a Xbox One S but I iz broke after oculus. Ill wait till scorpio :)


Imagine what Scorpio will do then. If a slightly upgrade d xbox one with a $400 price tag can do that to sales then the Scorpio will most likely sell out.

MasterCornholio1212d ago

Depends on the Scorpios price.

spoilerjerk1212d ago

No it won't, it was a huge misstep on Microsoft's part which is why Sony let them go first at E3 and shoot their load so to speak with the ammoucments. Sony will put out the Neo which albeit might be less powerful than Scorpio but more powerful than Xbox S for a full year. Sony's gameplan isn't to compete with Scorpio... it's to get ready for PS5 which will gut Xbox sales all around.

Yetter1212d ago

Not a misstep at all. Confident Xbox is back and I'm happy to see it. There is so much time and MS has so much money Sony can't win this next release. MS can beat them on price and power if they so choose