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AusGamers pits the recently-released No Man's Sky up against another surival/exploration/crafting open-world title, Subnautica and writes:

"In terms of fantastical investment from an exploration perspective, both our own oceans and space represent the best unknowns, and it’s with these two frontiers we compare two games boldly taking us to places we desperately want to go.

No Man’s Sky is currently the talk of the industry. This is a good thing for such a small team who had lofty ambitions. Review scores are trickling in, mere days after release though -- a little too early for mine, because there’s simply so much to explore and learn within the game that scores can’t possibly be accurate just yet. But I digress. What No Man’s Sky represents is an explorer in all of us, while having to adhere to concepts of practicality such as being able to travel across planets, between planets and beyond solar systems to find new planets. It takes construction and resource gathering seriously enough that they become your job; the means by which you can afford to travel between the stars on mystery vacations. It presents us with a seemingly infinite universe to explore, where all you need to get from A to ℼ is a hyperdrive fueled by Antimatter and Thamium9 (to make a Warp Cell). Mysteries present themselves and, as you slowly decode an ancient alien language, your own mark on your trails is left with funny system, planet and neighbourhood names, created by you for the world to see.

Subnautica is, conversely, one-percent of No Man’s Sky. In scope."

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Perjoss1212d ago

Interesting comparison, I love both of these games.