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No Man's Sky review: A phenomenal achievement by Hello Games, No Man's Sky marks a sense of scale and size unseen in gaming. Unfortunately in the team's unwavering reach for the stars, the basic gameplay mechanics fall by the wayside and their mundanity mean it won't be long before you grow tired of this adventure.

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Bolts1214d ago

They created a massive universe to get bored in. It's an infinite number of worlds where absolutely nothing of consequence will ever happen. Civilizations will not go to war or fight for resources, no great threat will emerge, no interesting character will ever be found. It's like taking every great scifi universe that ever existed like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Aliens then replacing it with a bland endless nothing.

Dissidia1214d ago

It doesn't sound like you've played the game.
"It's an infinite number of worlds where absolutely nothing of consequence will ever happen."

I've been playing since launch and experienced numerous situations where I had to defend myself or flee to a close by planet to keep from being destroyed and losing my items. As well as missed opportunities I've experienced during interactions with NPC's.

Artemidorus1214d ago

I think he means on a larger scale not the odd dog fight.

Artemidorus1214d ago

Goldby, you are the very reason cancerous gaming happens.

Can't believe I need to explain this to the ill educated but here we go...

Indie games are usually smaller based games with a smaller price tag and have been for years. AAA games or larger companies who provide bigger games usually put the maximum price tag on it's game and provide more content for more money as a choice usually something called a season pass.

Paying for this game at full price is the start of things to come because people like you keep throwing money at just about anything and companies are now more worried about money than ideas.

I'll never pay full retail for a small game. Yes this game has size and things to do but it's bland and basic and repeats it's self in objectives and I won't spoil it for others on why.

Gardenia1214d ago

It's an Indie game, not an AAA game. What did you expect? Still pretty impressive for what the game is that started with only 4 guys

Meltic1214d ago

The game is fking awesome. I love it beacuse i love space and i follow nasa and human exploration everyday. So this game is easy for me.

Artemidorus1214d ago

I expect the price of an Indie game for an Indie game.

The guy use to work for EA so it says all I need to know.

spicelicka1214d ago

It's priced the same as a AAA game, so from a consumer's perspective it's judged the same way. That's probably the main reason why it's being reviewed so critically.

Tobsesan1214d ago

If its "Indie", why did I pay AAA price?

jwillj2k41214d ago

It is very impressive. On top of this, think of the amount of man hours that would go into this game if you had an overarching story spanning across quintillions of planets lol. I think by improving the social aspects of the game so you can essentially have Galaxy "hubs" where people can meet and embark on adventure will put this game on another level.

Z5011214d ago

Isn't the Witcher 3 devs indie?

Pongwater1214d ago

"AAA" and "Indie" have absolutely nothing to do with price. Nothing. At all.

Gamers today are such drama queens. Some of them anyway.

Goldby1214d ago

Pongwater gets it.

Since when does AAA mean i have to spend 80+ dollars for a game, and why does an "indie" game mean it should cost less than 50$?

the guy thinks because its indie its supposed to be cheaper. that tell me all i need to know about u.

Narrow mind for a narrow wallet

andibandit1214d ago

AAA games are usually produced by studios with financial backing, and the money is used to cover anything from Voice actors, Motion Capture Equipment, Story Writers, musicians,designers, developers and so on.
For this to be profittable we've become accustomed to pay around 60$.

Indie games are usually produced by studios with little financial backing, and thus are forced to skip most of these production values/expenses, but as a result of this, they can usually also sell the game at a lower price.
For this sacrifice we have become accustomed to paying anywhere between 5-30$

You may not be able to find a definition that says theres a direct relation between AAA/Indie and price,
but in the back of our minds we all know there is.

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JayPi31214d ago

I'm inclined to disagree with you because I bought the game and was hyped for it, but ultimately you're right. The game is about exploration at your own pace and what not and most of the challenge or anything you do in the game comes from yourself.

Oh you crafted too much or you shot a robot/animal...yeah but that's cause you CHOSE to do those, there's nothing really to gain from that really. But even then i do love the sense of exploration of the game even if it's boring.

Aloy-Boyfriend1214d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda comes next year FYI

spoilerjerk1214d ago

I've put in over 30 hours into this game this week, after visiting a wide variety of planets already I can safely say I haven't been bored once time. Sounds like you want your hand held ala Mass Effect Blue/Green/Red ending.

Pongwater1214d ago

Yeah same here. It's been a long time since I played the kind of game where I sit down to play for an hour or two and then the next I know six hours have gone by.

Sean Murray said the game would be divisive and it is that, but I can't get enough.

Malacath1214d ago

I agree to some extent. The game is supposed to be a survival game but there is nothing survival about it. Its just about naming planets and discoveries and uploading them. There seems to be no point in discovering planets because you can't build on them.

There are much better survival games out there console. 7 days to die, Subnautica and even Minecraft are all better survival games. As for space exploration games, Elite Dangerous is far better.

While I like NMS i'm just not that impressed with it.

Goldby1214d ago

clealy u havent met the t-rexs or been on a planet with acid rain and huge amounts of radiation

Trekster_Gamer1214d ago

Nothing unique except the look of the planets. Same repetitive thing with a hint of a story... 4 hours in and it just feel s very repetitive and getting very boring.

I hate to say this as I had high hopes.

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Filmicfps1214d ago

People overhyped it because procedurally generated just means random. This is like Spore. Overhyped and underdelivered.

UltraNova1214d ago ShowReplies(3)
Pongwater1214d ago

"Overhyped" is the fault of the person doing the hyping for themselves.

The game delivers on everything the developers promised, with the exception (so far) of players ever running into each other. Since it's obvious the servers are having issues I don't think that exception will remain an exception for very long.

JayPi31214d ago

I mean for a chill space exploration game it's good imo, but I wish the devs would've just been honest about the game instead of giving into hype and outright lying. I could respect the game more if you just tell me what it is, then say that certain features will be added down the line.

Market the game as a platform for more things to be brought on later if you invest in it long term, as opposed to trying to build up all these expectations to only let everyone down.

Dissidia1214d ago

What part of the game did they outright lie about? I'm curious to know anything that the devs said that has proved to be false

JayPi31214d ago

If you watched interviews they outright lied about there being able to see one another, as everyone has been complaining about.

ninsigma1214d ago

You CAN see eachother. The two guys who were streaming it managed to do it later on.

SirBillyBones1214d ago

I'd love to see proof of that please :)

ninsigma1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Check update 3:

Also tweet from Sean Murry:


What's not proof about them finding eachother??

Aenea1214d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

No, that's not proof they've been able to see each other, they couldn't, read it again and you will see.

I still think they wanted to implement this but the servers weren't up to snuff so they turned some code in the game off to keep traffic to the servers lower and will turn it on once they've got it running more stable. I also think they kinda thought no one would notice it since they expected it to take a while before people would be in the same spot and they expected it to be patched by then :)

Still, loving the game to bits!

Look here:

"I tried again today to see Psytokat but even though we were both online we could not see eachother or interact."

Let's make it even more clear:
"we could not see eachother"

Clear enough?

nix1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


"Update 3: 8/10/2016 12:42AM. Thank you to all the people who tuned in to my stream you really made my week! I was so nervous when I found another player I was barely able to function but we did it! Me and Psytokat beat the odds and found each other already! I will try again soon to see if we can try again when the servers are more stable. Stay tuned!"

Lemme highlight it even further...
"Me and Psytokat beat the odds and found each other already!"

"found each other".

Aenea1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

@ninsigma, @nix

They beat the odds, since it would be impossible to be able to meet since the universe is so big, that they managed to be in the same location is what they call "found each other", it doesn't mean they were able to see each other.

If that were the case that reddit thread would not be about how Sean supposedly lied and how bad it is, yadayada, they would also have posted screenshots of seeing each and they did not.

So they were on the same planet, same spot, did not see each other, which is why they want to try again when the servers are more stable hoping they then can see each other.

I love the game to bits, but please let's keep things real and don't add to the confusion around all this....

Look here:

"I tried again today to see Psytokat but even though we were both online we could not see eachother or interact."

Let's make it even more clear:
"we could not see eachother"

Clear enough?

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Kokyu1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

I keep seeing people say game crashing bug but honestly this is the most bug free game Ive played in two years. Maybe Ive been luck but 10hrs in and I havent had one yet. I also will have to stop reading reviews I dont want to know anymore about atlas or the game I dont find out on my own.

(Edit) mmm I get 6 down votes because I havent had a crash and I like the game....the internet isnt it awesome.

spoilerjerk1214d ago

Agreed I've seen a few reviews saying it crashes every hour or less and yet after 30+ hours in I haven't had one crash at all.

Aenea1214d ago

Still, I had about 4 or 5 crashes now in like 30 hours... Won't stop me tho!

Goldby1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


Kokyu1214d ago

You should proof read man

x_BlackRose1214d ago

Just because you can type a lengthy bashing paragraph about a game doesn't make it so. Get real, play the game. Don't play it like some damn app. What everyone has said to criticize this game, I've not found to be the case. The game is a technical marvel with great art and color. Tons of side quests and lore to find. I can be certain that if the game hadn't been hyped, then it would not receive the hate and biased reviews it has been getting. Amazes me how so many people can be so hateful and ignorant.

spoilerjerk1214d ago

Clearly a lot of dude-bro gamers getting upset over the most influential game in a gaming generation being artistic and intelligent.

spicelicka1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

"No Man’s Sky is a good game. Sean Murray and Hello Games’ vision of creating a vast universe on a scale unseen in video games has no doubt been achieved, and will certainly provide everyone who plays it with something unique.

However, the fundamental gameplay isn’t deep or rewarding enough for me to stick around and explore many of the planets the game has to offer. With such basic combat and inventory management, it quickly wears thin and you’ll feel like you’re dragging yourself from system to system in search of Atlas.

Does it live up to the hype? For anyone who’s been following this game for years, probably not. But if you appreciate this game for what it is – a technical marvel that will no doubt vastly improve over the coming months if the day zero patch is any measuring stick – then there is certainly plenty of fun and wonder to be had. It’s just a case of how long before the fun stops."

Sounds like you didn't even read the review. There is no lengthy paragraph bashing the game. Seems like you saw the score and immediately pulled out your shield. How can you assume the reviewer played it like a "damn app" when he goes into detail about what he did in the game, majority of the review about him playing the game.

There's no guarantee that without hype it wouldn't receive similar reviews. There are some clickbait reviews, but most of the criticism is pretty logical.

That doesn't make it a bad game, it's a niche game that some people will love and others won't like. You also have to understand that it's a $60 game so it's going to be compared to big AAA games, that automatically puts it at a disadvantage (considering it's made by such a small indie team) but that's what they chose to price it so that's how it is.

Pongwater1214d ago

"Does it live up to the hype? For anyone who’s been following this game for years, probably not."

I'd say "For anyone who hasn't paid attention for years, and therefore has invented their own expectations, maybe not."

I followed this game since it was revealed. What was released is exactly what was promised, with the exception so far of being able to bump into players, but I don't expect that exception to remain for very long.

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