Final Fantasy XV DLCs Detailed: Playable Gladio, Ignis and Prompto and "Completely New" Expansion

Last week, Square Enix announced the names of the DLC packages that will be included in the expansion pack for Final Fantasy XV (and that will presumably be available separately at some point). Yet, at that time, the actual content was not detailed. Today they the Japanese arm of the publisher followed up doing just that.

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glassgannon9091217d ago

yep, for the first time in any AAA game ever!

Hoffmann1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

It is the first time that one of the main series single player FF game has dlc.


edit: Main Series Single Player Games = FF 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13

Ricegum1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

^ @hoffmann


DragonKnight1217d ago

Hoffman, FFXIII-2 has DLC, so does Lightning Returns. The worst kind of DLC at that. I'm talking "real endings" DLC.

badz1491216d ago

I don't onow about the other regions but this DLC isnalready available in the PS Store Asia. I was like "WTF? Already? Even the game is not out yet!"

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Z5011217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

You obviously haven't been playing FF games lately if you think this is the first one with DLC. Which results in you looking like a 'hater'. Do some research next time.

Edit: @ Hoffmann
FF13, 13-2, and Lightning Returns all have DLC, Genius.

Hoffmann1217d ago

I extra said main series single player FF. How difficult is that to understand?

Do YOUR research next time.

Hoffmann1217d ago

Must hurt to make yourself look stupid.

Only the 2nd and 3rd FF13 game had dlc, and those are not part of the main series club. They are just sequels to a main series title.

Z5011217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Obviously if you exclude the sequels you are right. But when someone mentions the 13 "serieS" they don't just think of 1 game. You literally said "serieS" = plural.

... and who cares if the first game in a trilogy doesn't have dlc but the 2 sequels do. They're all connected anyway, lol.

-Foxtrot1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

10 years in the making and before the thing is out they have DLC planned they know what's going to be included. Knowing Square...I think I may smell cut content

I'm sorry but we saw these playable characters in trailers when Nomura was behind the wheel, it's FF they should be playable in the main game

I'd be more fine with it if they said something like

"We're doing DLC because we are not going to make FFXV into a trilogy like FF13"

So then FF16 is the next game up.

Hoffmann1217d ago

Well I was not planning to buy FF15 anyway. The whole premise with the emo boy party and it being another FF game without classic round based role playing action took away any excitement from me. World of FF looks good at least.

Might get FF15 when the inevitable complete version is available next year for less than 30 bucks.

Eiyuuou1217d ago

There's a "leak" that leaked this anouncement, and it also said that it would bring back playable party members to the base game.

There's no reason to trust any leaks, but I wouldn't mind if these were true.

_-EDMIX-_1216d ago

How can they content of that in which isn't yours in the first place?

I'm sorry but it's an idiotic notion considering you nor I have any legal right over the company or its content.

Could you not put on the tin foil hat and argue that Final Fantasy X-2 is really cut content from Final Fantasy X? Could you not go further and state that Final Fantasy XIII-2 & XIII-3 are merely cut content from XIII?

The only way something could constitute as cut to a consumer is if it was ever advertised to be given to you as the base game in the first place.

If they advised, listed, marketed, advertised etc and the final game does not have this content , that would be seen as false advertising and you very much could take the company to court for this grievance , anything else is bizarre conjecture and entitlement because I cannot understand at what legal grounds something was taken from you that you never owned or was promised in the first place.

Mind you I mean marketed as just prior to launch, not content shown a decade ago.

You ready to sue Take Two based on how you initially saw Borderlands versus when it officially released? Lol um....ok bud.

-Foxtrot1216d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Oh here we go EDMIX ready to defend shady practices and money grabbing companies.

If a company shows a feature off years ago and then removes it from the core game ONLY to have that said feature in the form of DLC you need to pay extra for then I'm sorry but I don't know what delusional world you live in but that's wrong on so many levels, it means it's there but they are waiting to add it to a DLC package.

The Take Two argument with Borderlands is so bad, that's a completely different thing lol

EDMIX - Lover of DLC, Season Passes, Microtransactions and being a developers favourite type of gamer.

rainslacker1215d ago

Game really feels more like a spin off....which isn't surprising since that's how it started.

I still don't consider it a "numbered" FF game in the traditional sense, and know Square only did that to either differentiate it from the FF13 series which was getting some negative criticism, or to help it sell better since numbered entries tend to do much better.

Hopefully it has a good story, because while the game play is serviceable from the demos I've played, and to a lesser extent the streamed content shown, it doesn't fill me with the same kind of excitement that a standard numbered entry would....although that doesn't mean I'll think it's a bad game.

As far as the DLC, I'm not really surprised. Kind of disappointing they didn't put these playable character sections into the game itself, since that's kind of a big staple of FF series to break up the party, and explore those characters more fully and even have them as playable.

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Adrian_v011216d ago

The remake of Final Fantasy IV has DLC, it's a remake but still a single player main series FF. So do YOUR research.

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Kalebninja1217d ago

That online expansions sounds like it has the potential to be awesome.

TheColbertinator1217d ago

Please Square,give us playable Luna

-Foxtrot1217d ago

Or any female character since you's FF

Asuka1217d ago

Cant wait! I like how they are adding some free content as well!

DragonKnight1217d ago

I'm kind of ok with the way this game took the gameplay, but SE are just losing it when it comes to Final Fantasy. This is a series that used to be about wizards and warriors, high fantasy, some had real depth in storytelling.

Even FFVII and FFVIII, while being the least "fantasy" themed games up to that point still maintained a lot of the feel of the franchise.

But with starting with FFX-2 and then the FFXIII trilogy and now this, why even call it Final Fantasy? It's looking to become closer thematically to the Deus Ex franchise only with swords.

FFIX is such a beloved title precisely because, after FFVII and FFVIII it went back to the fantasy setting for the most part. All SE cares about these days are graphics and pop music. It's sad.

Tdmd1217d ago

VIII was less "fantasy" and more scy fi-ish, than we had IX, X and XII which embraced the fantasy as much as they could. From that, we're back at the more modern-ish final fantasy games with XIII and now XV. To me, it seems very balanced. They are making a cicle of sorts to please both kinds of fans and that seems fine to me. Final Fantasy XVI will probably return to the sword&shield medievel themes.

-Foxtrot1217d ago

FF16 needs to get back to the old age fantasy world

Classic Magic, Summons, a party full of variations and designs, faster turn based combat with a twist, a proper theme song (not a bloody cover of an overused old song)

Not saying FF15 looks shit...I just think it's going to be one of those games which will feel better because FF13 was so shit to many of us, and when you compare something to shit then it's going to look even better.

_-EDMIX-_1216d ago

Final Fantasy has never actually been about a specific set see More Concept in fact the greatest thing about Final Fantasy is that the ideas and themes are always different.

Of course I would like a final fantasy sad in the world similar to Final Fantasy 9 or 12, but I like the high-tech world of Final Fantasy 7 , 8 and 15 just as much.

They don't "need" to do anything, let the creators openly create how they feel just.

-Foxtrot1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I like the fact you replied to me when DragonKnights comment is more or less the same and is the original poster here. I just agreed with him.

Jesus why do always defend studios, publishers and the like..."Oh they DON'T have to do anything" and "they can do what they want".....or is this just to go against someone? Could I say the grass is green and you'd argue it wasn't?

We're fans and for a company who usually shits on gamers with their bad practices I think we should be allowed to have a say in what we want as consumers.

Final Fantasy started out as this old age fantasy/medieval world full of dragons, wizards, light vs dark and the like. So for us to say "I wish it would go back to the older setting" is not a silly thing to say at all since the franchise started out like that and was pretty much like that until FFVII.

Even what Dragon has said above games like FFVII and FFVIII had more of a grounded world but they still felt Fantasy like and felt they still fit well into the overall franchises theme. Without calling the quality of the product FFXV doesn't feel like that at all...neither did FFXIII.

Adrian_v011216d ago

Fantasy doesn't necessarily mean castles, dragons and wizards...

DragonKnight1216d ago

No, it's basically a synonym for fiction, but that's just a semantic argument.

Adrian_v011216d ago

Well science fiction is still fiction, but you claim the titles that were more sci fi aren't fantasy.

Adrian_v011216d ago

"Fantasy can be distinguished from science fiction, the other genre that it is most often grouped with, in that fantasy includes magic and takes place in a world that could never be, whereas science fiction is generally set in a world that simply doesn't exist yet. The primary distinguishing trait between fantasy and other genres of the speculative fiction type is that the primary focus and story feature of fantasy is magic."

From your link. According to this all FF titles have been fantasy so far, so I don't see the problem you claim exists.

DragonKnight1216d ago

You're trying to argue the umbrella "speculative fiction" case and you're failing.

Adrian_v011216d ago

That's not a solid reply to my last comment. You're avoiding it.

DragonKnight1215d ago

It's more than enough of a reply. I'm not avoiding it at all, I'm just not giving it any dignity. You're attempting to state that sci-fi and fantasy are the same thing and they aren't. While they both fall under speculative fiction, being that they are fictional settings and not real, FFXV is not the same as FFIV. Conflating the games is moronic.

Adrian_v011215d ago

No I'm not trying to state that sci-fi and fantasy are the same, I'm trying to state that Final Fantady titles have been fantasy, while you're attempting to state that they haven't.

According to the part taken from YOUR link, all Final Fantasy titles have been fantasy so far as the focus of each main entry has been magic in both story and gameplay, and neither title can be described as sci-fi as the worlds aren't close to being reality, neither now nor anytime in the future.

But keep avoiding arguments and resort to insult once you realize you're wrong, you've proven to be good at it.

DragonKnight1215d ago

"I'm trying to state that Final Fantady titles have been fantasy, while you're attempting to state that they haven't. "

I have successfully proven that they aren't all fantasy.

"According to the part taken from YOUR link, all Final Fantasy titles have been fantasy so far as the focus of each main entry has been magic in both story and gameplay."

They haven't. Starting with Final Fantasy VII the focus began its switch, even in FFVII the theme of Fantasy is just barely there. FFVII's story is mostly steampunk and sci-fi, dealing with genetics, bioengineering, terraforming, etc... FFVIII deals with Time paradoxes. FFIX goes back to the Fantasy setting which continues in FFX to the point that most technology has been destroyed to emphasize the fantasy setting.

FFX-2 sees a resurgence of tech, FFXI is a fantasy MMO. FFXII downplays the tech in a very weird way, then FFXIII turns full sci-fi, making magic some special condition thought of as a disease. FFXV has done to magic what FFXII did to tech. So you're wrong bud, sorry.

"But keep avoiding arguments and resort to insult once you realize you're wrong, you've proven to be good at it."

Never avoided anything. I simply didn't give you the depth of answer you wanted. And calling a conflation moronic is not an insult, if you're so delicate that that's how you perceive it, that's your problem, not mine.

rainslacker1215d ago

You're making your argument by changing the context of what Dragon is trying to say. He addressed it above, then you continued to misconstrue the context to try and make your argument.

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