Naughty Dog Expected to Announce the Uncharted 4 Co-op Release Date Soon

Naughty Dog undoubtedly had a great launch for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It's crazy to believe it has been 3 months since its release. Uncharted 4 did not release with co-op though. In fact, it still is not part of the game yet. Naughty Dog promised it would be...

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TwoForce1073d ago

Hopefully, ND update the co op sooner.

Cindy-rella1072d ago

They need to implement free for all mode in the multi-player portion of the game

madmonkey011072d ago

First i have heard of co-op in this game, anone know if it is campaign co-op? or missions

81BX1072d ago

Click the article has a pic layout of the plans. Doesnt say, just says co-op.

Blastoise1072d ago

It'll likely be missions like Uncharted 3

badz1491072d ago

Mission will still do. I really enjoy coop missions in 2 and 3

PhucSeeker1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

It would be cool to have a coop-mode for the campaign. I'm settled for 2 playable Nathan Drake. I and my friend haven't finished the campaign cuz we got bored of it after a while. Coop campaign would really help us getting back in.

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81BX1072d ago

It was our goal from the start to give players the ability to earn DLC items through gameplay. No DLC item is available exclusively using Uncharted Points." - Robert Cogburn, Lead Game Designer

In ND we trust!!!!!

Xavior_Reigns1072d ago

And now our grind begins... (ahem no homo.)

milohighclub1072d ago

lol it's still summer and still waiting on part 2 of the summer update....

milohighclub1072d ago

stealth disagree.... it's true tho, nd have stated themselves that there's still part two of the summer update and it is still summer so why disagree?

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The story is too old to be commented.