No Man's Sky and the destruction of the power fantasy

Getting there is much more than half the fun.

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brando0081210d ago

Very well-written article. Thank you!!

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spoilerjerk1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Upon seeing the first reviews come in from haters like Jimquisition who knocked No Man's Sky (5) but thinks Garden Warfare 2 is a near masterpiece (9.5) it immediately struck me that people not enjoying this game are not because of this very subject. They not only want their hand held during gameplay with a lot of mission markers/objectives and trophy pops (you went from point A to point B, have a trophy) but they want to be the "hero". At the end of the day I think they wanted Assassins Creed in space, Far Cry in space, GTA in space rather than the first truly open world (universe) game where you get to create your own adventure.