Review: No Man's Sky captures the thrill of exploration | GameCrate

No Man's Sky is all about the pure joy of exploration. It will be a polarizing game that will prove unsatisfying for some gamers, but it offers a vibrant, Zen-like experience others will treasure.

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thorstein1217d ago

Sean Murray: "This is the game we always wanted to make."

Me: "This is the game I've always wanted to play."

What a great game, exceeding all the expectations.

Pongwater1217d ago

Me: "This is the game I never knew I wanted to play but am now hooked on"

My expectations have been more than satisfied and I can't get enough of this game.

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spoilerjerk1217d ago

Excellent review, easily my favorite game of this generation but nice to see another honest review rather than some of the "hater" traps the likes of Jimquisition have fallen into to get hits.

FullmetalRoyale1217d ago

You keep saying that. Idk if you are trying to instigate trouble, or if some people really made you mad, and you feel it's justified. What you are doing doesn't help foster a friendly community. 😕