The 12 best space games (before No Man's Sky)

Space is the place, especially in these stone cold classics.

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TheCommentator954d ago

Before No Man's Sky? Makes it sound like No Man's Sky is actually good or something...

Kerppamaister954d ago

True dat. The list remains unchanged after NMS launch.

kraenk12954d ago

It's actually pretty amazing and a lot of people agree on that. No one cares for the sadness people like you express constantly.

BrandanT954d ago

On the contrary, especially for people who are planning to purchase the game, people take myriads of different opinions in consideration.

And besides, it's okay if not everyone like the game.

TheCommentator954d ago

You cared, that's why you posted. I don't have to like the game, and to me NMS is lifeless and repetitive enough that the fun wears thin after just a few hours. It's just as unfinished as it felt at its debut several years ago when I played it at the Gamestop managers conference.

Sad is the fact that you can't let me have my opinion without making it personal, but I'm glad you like it so have fun.

kraenk12954d ago (Edited 954d ago )


I know you and your comments and I know just as you and anyone here that you don't even own a PS4 or a gaming PC.


It's ok to have an opinion. It's not ok to pretend to have one without actually having had the chance to form one.

TheCommentator954d ago

You are correct, but I played it at the conference I mentioned and I do have friends who own a PS4. I played it for a few hours already while my friend and I hung out the other day and it's really not that interesting. Kerbal Space Program has as much going for it as NMS. To each their own.

Seriously, stay on topic and don't pretend that you know everything about me from my posts here at N4G.

TheCommentator954d ago

You're just mad that a game you really wanted to be awesome ended up being average at best, so your fragile little mind created an escape by taking it out on me. It's okay, you can cry on my shoulder all you like dude. It still doesn't change the fact that I've played the game and don't like it, or that your ability to comprehend such a thing is seriously lacking. I haven't heard one fact about the game from you or Razzer the whole time you've been in here, you just personally attack me instead of staying with the topic like an educated human being would.

You want to know a secret? I know I don't like PS4 exclusives as much as Xbox exclusives because I play most of them at my friends house (or watch him Twitch) but I dislike Sony more than MS for other reasons besides a lack of exclusives I enjoy which is why I don't buy Sony products in general. Truth is both companies do shitty things to consumers.

Grow up, stay on topic, and realize that not every opinion around here is yours.

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LordMaim954d ago

Actually playing the game makes it seem like it's good or something. I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

P.S. Goddamn do I miss Wing Commander.

kraenk12954d ago

True man..those games were so epic back then.

Razzer954d ago've played it? Didn't think so.

TheCommentator954d ago

Yes, I've played it. Which is why I think it sucks.

Razzer954d ago


bullshit. you are a Xbox fanboy. your previous comments make it obvious. hating games you can't play

TheCommentator954d ago

I hate Sony, I don't love MS. Big difference. My decision to own MS systems is educated, a fanboy's decision is not. So...

Quit attacking my character instead of the subject like a fanboy would and understand something, I can still play games on systems I don't own because... wait for it... I have real friends who I can go visit in the real world and play on a PS4. Go back into hiding, you shallow little person.

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Wolfenstein51954d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X should be on this list. Best space game ever!

TheColbertinator954d ago

A Sony Liverpool gem of the PS1 era there

Gaming4Life1981954d ago

I know this game gets no credit around here but Elite Dangerous needs to be on this list but I do agree that everything on this list is great as well.

TheCommentator954d ago

Elite Dangerous is planning to add tons of content too, which makes No Man's Sky look even more hollow in comparison.

kraenk12954d ago don't get it, do you?! Stop talking shit about a game you didn't even play yet!

meka2611952d ago

But he's right. No man's sky is cool, but very hollow in the end. With how the ship autocontrols I feel like I'm on an intergalactic tour. Don't get me wrong, I like the game, but elite has a lot more potential.

AKR954d ago

No Freespace and Freespace 2? Those games are awesome.

Pintheshadows954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

I was thinking the same.

No X either.

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