Gamervision Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

GV reports:

''Every year at this time, like clockwork, EA Sports releases its holy trinity of sports titles; Madden, NHL and Tiger Woods. We've already seen what this year's Madden has to offer (a lot), and after last year's stellar performance, we can be fairly certain that the NHL franchise will bring us more of the same excellence this year. But what about Tiger? Last year's offering was a bit of a mixed bag; most gamers agreed that the gameplay was as tight as ever, but many people felt the game wasn't different enough from 07's offering, and that the changes that were there didn't help the game in any noticeable way. While this year's model is unquestionably built on what has come before, the few new tweaks that are included largely help to streamline the experience.

From a gameplay standpoint, there's not much new here to report on. Your club swing is still controlled by the left thumbstick by default, though the alternate three-click system instituted last year returns as an option. The Swing Meter makes its debut this year, and is a welcome addition that seems about five years late in coming. No longer will you have to wait and see how straight your shot was; the swing meter shows you in real time exactly how woefully off-center your backswing and downswing are. Your power boosts, club selection, fade/draw and aiming are exactly the same as they were last year. In fact, pretty much everything that happens between the tee and the green is exactly how you remember it if you've played the series since 2005. Not that there's anything wrong with that; the swing mechanics, thanks to the benefit of years of fine-tuning, are just about perfect, and the ball physics never act in a way that's unexpected or suspect. It's the same solid engine that the game has run on for some time now, but in all fairness, why fix what's not broken?''

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