Xbox One was top dog in U.S. game console sales for July

Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One was the best selling game console in the U.S. during the month of July, according to the latest numbers from the research firm The NPD Group.

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TheHorseTamer1214d ago

I thought MS would not win a single NPD this year but congrats on the July win. The Xbox One S should carry the momentum forward.

bleedsoe9mm1214d ago

they are going to win august as well with the S launching

Abash1214d ago

Definitely, they are launching three different Xbox One S SKUs this month so that alone should be enough to win August. Congrats to MS for winning July, the original Xbox One unit clearance prices and deals were too good to pass up.

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IIFloodyII1214d ago


Good sales as stores want to get rid of stock for the Slim model is probably the biggest reason.

zeal0us1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

I don't know NMS for the PS4 will ship quite a few units. Though X1S will definitely going to help with console sales. I'm tempted to buy one myself just for the backwards compatibility since I gave my 360 away.

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agame9141214d ago

@rookie lol how u been hater? i see you still get all the disagrees because you are such a cornball. When you practically give your console away and it finally wins a month it really does not say much rookie monster

LexHazard791214d ago

@shin, im more a xbox gamer and Im wondering same thing. I wasnt expecting this win thil August with the S model. Congrats MS. You they're happy as shit and are probably going to get shit faced. Enjoy fellas!

meche3341214d ago

probably. im planning on getting a 500gb variant

Utalkin2me1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


Finally showing back up again? Got tired of getting embarrassed? I think meta critic would dis prove the fact that you say Sony has no games.

Fatal-Aim1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

So NOOOOW Xbox sales matter. Alrighty! Can we have the YTD numbers now or does that still not matter?

What's really amazing is despite these numbers, this was only on their own playground since the streak held by Sony since last year, not to mention the globe which has yet to be accomplished. Yet, we should pull out the glasses and pompoms? Come on... This war is over. The numbers are 2 to 1. No one or two month victory on their on their own soil is going to help or reverse the current numbers. In fact, the YTD gap continues to grow every month even with this victory because they have yet to take the other regions. It only grew slower in July and ONLY because they significantly reduced the price and gave the thing a face lift. Shocking?

What happens when their competition fires back?

PeaSFor1214d ago

If PS4 were sold for around 200 with 4 free games and controllers you'd see a spike as well. MS are giving these away, which is great for buyers.

indysurfn1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

With the price drop....people previously waiting for xbox one s....Extra trade in deals.....and the fact it is a summer month I agree they should win July and August!

But I have to make a second point. Microsoft is acting like a kid with a bad sour grapes attitude. Will only play the NPD numbers when they are winning. What happened to NPD does not matter! (except this month, and the other month they won....when it suits them) Jerks!

dantesparda1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

They outsold Sony by less than 10k and thats with the system selling at $200 with like 4 games.

Here are my numbers:

01. Nov. 2013 [PS4]1,138M, [XB1] 909K
02. Dec. 2013 [PS4] ~862K, [XB1] 908K
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ---
03. Jan. 2014 [PS4] 271K, [XB1] 141K
04. Feb. 2014 [PS4] 268K, [XB1] 258K
05. March 2014 [PS4] 371K, [XB1] 311K Infamous/Titanfall
06. April 2014 [PS4] 199K, [XB1] 115K
07. May 2014 [PS4] 197K, [XB1] 77K
08. June 2014 [PS4] 269K, [XB1] 197K Kinectless X1, Price drops to $399
09. July 2014 [PS4] 187K, [XB1] 131K
10. Aug 2014 [PS4] 190K, [XB1] 159K
11. Sept 2014 [PS4] 538K, [XB1] 284K
12. Oct 2014 [PS4] 297K, [XB1] 168K Estimates
13. Nov 2014 [PS4] 826K, [XB1] 1,23M Estimates
14. Dec 2014 [PS4]1,065M, [XB1] 1,29M Estimates
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - --------------
15. Jan 2015 [PS4] ~192K, [XB1] ~152K Estimates
16. Feb 2015 [PS4] 342K, [XB1] 276K
17. March 2015 [PS4] 336K, [XB1] 233K
18. April 2015 [PS4] 174K, [XB1] 187K
19. May 2015 [PS4] ~152K, [XB1] ~139K
20. June 2015 [PS4] ~370K, [XB1] ~297K
21. July 2015 [PS4] ~218K, [XB1] ~189K
22. Aug 2015 [PS4] ~209K, [XB1] ~202K
23. Sept 2015 [PS4] ~354K, [XB1] ~293K
24. Oct 2015 [PS4] ~275K, [XB1] ~303K
25. Nov 2015 [PS4] 1,539K, [XB1] 1,296K
26. Dec 2015 [PS4] 1,582K, [XB1] 1,376K
----------------------------- ------------------------------ -
27. Jan 2016 [PS4] ~227K, [XB1] ~130K
28. Feb 2016 [PS4] ~405K, [XB1] ~248K
29. Mar 2016 [PS4] 330.1K, [XB1] 241.5K
30. Apr 2016 [PS4] 174.8K, [XB1] 167.6K
31. May 2016 [PS4] 207.3K, [XB1] 107.1K
32. Jun 2016 [PS4] 234.5K, [XB1] 211.9K
33. July 2016 [PS4] 161.2K, [XB1] 171.1K

waderae1213d ago

i wouldn't be so sure, No Man Sky might shift some consoles... will be close though.

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lelo2play1214d ago

I'm surprised Microsoft was top dog at July. I thought most people that wanted a X1 would wait at least till August to get the X1 S.

Genuine-User1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Have you not seen the deals?

Xbox One bundles are going for around £200. That's a f**king steal man.

1214d ago
Lonnie181214d ago

I was wondering that very thing...but then I realized Microsoft had to lower their console price very low to hit those numbers and win July lol.

NewMonday1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

also PS4 slowing because people are holding out for the Neo , it will stay like this until the Neo releases

Unspoken1214d ago

Surprised here as well when everyone said they would wait for Scorpio, buy a PC, or pass even with the minor price drop.

Vocal minority does not represent trends apparently..

Mulando1214d ago

well. according to this
PS4 just sold worse. Maybe this is the "neo"-effect, so console sales decline because people now know, something new is coming in a few month. actually, also xbox sales are down. They had better numbers in 2015.

But that table ... sales must be really bad outside of the US. At ~21-22m sold, over 50% is in the US. MS must really get their marketing right outside the US. Still no xbox commercials or whatever here in Germany. Sony does that all the time with new titels etc.

kraenk121214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

They basically gave the console away for free to clear space for the X1S.


NPD is not worldwide at all.

UKmilitia1213d ago

£114 in UK over last few weeks for xbox one console

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Hoffmann1214d ago

They sold a lot because Amazon and many other shops sold them for super cheap.$199

Kribwalker1214d ago

Um, $249 ($50 off) to clear out fat stock

The $199 consoles you are speaking of are refurbished consoles sold by eBay numbers and I don't believe a refurbished sale on eBay from a 3rd party seller would count as a sale

Nice try tho

blackblades1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Pretty much, look at the previous times they won it was the same way by giving deals. Also the $199 price tag wasn't one of the deals

FITgamer1214d ago

Well they had a few fire sales in July so not surprised they just edged out the victory. They'll get August for sure.

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GamingIVfun1214d ago

When you put your hardware on sale and give lots of bonus games, controllers and gift cards with the hardware (losing a lot of money doing so) during a month when hardware sales are usually the lowest of the year, your bound to get rid of a few consoles ( getting rid of Xbox Ones to make room for the Xbox One S). Even so I doubt they beat the PS4 by much.

Trolly4131214d ago

Hahaha...easy there buddy you're getting salt everywhere.

GamingIVfun1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

No, just getting truth everywhere. Something people with no common sense don't understand.

If you happen to win a month and want to brag about it, you should be willing to give numbers. Sony does (at least every 2 months or so), Microsoft doesn't. Last time Xbox One won a month it was by 3%, the month Halo released.

yeahright21214d ago

While everything you're saying is true, you are coming off as a little salty.

S2Killinit1213d ago

Salty or not, he is right. Im pretty sure the PS4 would hit high notes too when it drops in price like that.

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XanderZane1214d ago

They should win August as well if the XB1 S sales are as great as retailers are saying.

Artemidorus1214d ago

It's an upgraded console it's bound to make sales

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Tsar4ever011214d ago

The way I see it is,

Yeah Kudos MS, you drop your OG-XB1 to $250 and you then "remaster the console" with a smaller body, updated parts, slightly faster CPU/GPU, gave 4K/HDR capability while the competition hasn't done anything with their console because there's no need to as of yet. Notice that MS wins in US only? Everybody know the XBOX has always been supported by U.S. gamers more than anywhere else. Whats the NPD stats about XB1 around rest of the world?

Lordani661214d ago

But it's only in US, not globally.

UKmilitia1213d ago

xbox one has been as low as £114 in Uk last month and even now in a couple of places its still around that price

GoldenArcanine1213d ago

It really says something that Microsoft had to drop the price of their underpowered, underperforming, poor man's excuse for a console to about $199 just to get a cheap victory in the NPD over the PS4. Shows that when the console doesn't have a single exclusive game worth playing and no third party developer support all you can do is slash the price 27 times to try and put on some smoke and mirrors joke.

Unless Microsoft are willing to lower the price again for each consecutive month they're not going to win another month this year. And of course PS4 is still leading 2 - 1 in worldwide sales. Too bad, even the Microsoft donkey botherers won't be able to try and spin that fact.

Aceman181213d ago

Well good for them they had to get a month sooner or later.

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Genuine-User1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Congrats Microsoft.

Sales matter now :p

EpicSandwich1214d ago

Sales should only matter to Microsoft and sony. I don't know why gamers act all happy, pretty sad

Aloy-Boyfriend1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

You know what would be truly sad? Consoles not selling and dying like the Dreamcast. I like to see consoles trhiving and selling. It means more support and more health to the industry

YinYangGaming1214d ago

@XiKurepikaKurta has put that perfectly.

Pro_TactX1214d ago

I care about sales and I am not a shareholder or employee of either company. More people buying my console of choice means more potential players for me to play with. More people online means games with multiplayer components can have longer shelf lives. A greater install base makes my console of choice more attractive to developers. All of these things affect my experience. Do I care about some stupid console war? No. I do care about how successful my console of choice is though, and I do care about healthy competition.

81BX1214d ago

I personally like to see console gaming going strong but dislike when some use these numbers as a bragging point

itsmebryan1214d ago

How could people down vote you because what you said is so true? Sales doesn't make the console or games you have any better. Yes, very sad.

starchild1214d ago


That's all true, but only to a point. PC, Xbox and Playstation are all strong platforms and you're going to have plenty of support and people to play with on any of them.

rainslacker1214d ago

While I agree on general principal, MS is the one that said they weren't going to discuss sales anymore, as active users were more important.

But seems that is only relevant when they are losing in sales.

Not that I fault Greenburg for announcing it, because I know just how much it means to him, and he's just a big cuddly teddy bear you can't help but love due to how silly he can be at times.

AngelicIceDiamond1214d ago

Sales only matters to see if your console will still be around or not in the future, thats it really. With that said ppl clearly take it outta hand.

Pro_TactX1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


You are right. I don't really care about sales from a comparative standpoint, but I am happy to see an install base growth. I am primarily a PS4 player. I have a gaming PC, but most of the time I prefer just turning on my PS4 and playing a game without bothering with config settings and drivers. I work in IT, so I really don't care to deal with computers when I get home, unless it's necessary to play a PC exclusive that I really want to play.

I don't own an Xbox One because I can play a lot of Xbox games on Windows 10, and because there just aren't enough hours in the day to justify buying another console. Between my PC and PS4, I have more than enough entertainment to fill my spare time.

So I care about PS4 sales insofar as I like to see a greater install base, but I don't care about sales compared to another console. Actually I want the Xbox One to succeed as well, because consumers benefit from healthy competition.

n4rc1213d ago

Kind of funny people still don't get this..

Sales only matter to those winning.. in every industry, all the time..

What's Sonys response to losing a month? Oh.. they will just ignore sales for a month or pick another number to advertise until they have the biggest number again.. and ms will post NDP results all day long, until they lose another month..

This really isn't complicated.. why is it still debated? Lol

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YinYangGaming1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

I know you're joking but I'm genuinely interested if they mention MAUs in their official press release.

Edit: Microsoft have released their PR and they do indeed still talk about MAUs/gaming hours so all the jokes can stop now

butchertroll1214d ago

Quote :


Monthly Active Users. There! :D

Genuine-User1214d ago

Thanks for the clarification.

badz1491214d ago

MS has been reporting it so much - pretty much all they've got to say in all those months it was beaten by the PS4, now it's an acronym already? NICE

joeorc1214d ago

Aaron Greenberg – ‏@aarongreenberg

Thanks to everyone who helped make #XboxOne the #1 selling console in July according to #NPD, nice to be back on top!

Back on top in the "US"

How about world wide?
Lmao/ congratulations to the Xbox team and Microsoft.

Septic1214d ago

Don't worry Genuine. Sony will be back on top soon

Bobafret1214d ago

No, not really but it is at least refreshing.

Nodoze1213d ago

That guy is SUCH a DB. I mean seriously he is the lowest form of pond scum around. Enjoy it isn't going to last.

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christocolus1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Congrats MS............ now back to playing Overwatch.

Filmicfps1214d ago

Why so many disagrees? Congrats Microsoft! Well Deserved.

yeahright21214d ago

Maybe people don't like overwatch? nah! that couldn't be it.

christocolus1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Lmao XD. Isn't it obvious bro? Lmao XD. They can keep hitting the disagree button all they like. ain't going to change a thing. lol


Lmao XD...Definitely not Overwatch.

butchertroll1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

$279 for the first 3 weeks and $249 from July 24th onwards for all 500GB SKUs, and there was also some deals with Amazon Prime
Xbox One 500 GB Name Your Game Bundle + Halo 5 Limited Edition: $279
Xbox One 500 GB Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle + Fallout 4: $279
Xbox One 1 TB The Division Bundle + Rainbow Six Siege: $299

With all those deals for almost entire July, Xbox won over more expensive PS4 for about 7-10k units. THAT'S BAD! Hollow victory for MS


EDIT : LOL at disagree votes. But take it how you want it, guys!

YinYangGaming1214d ago

There's always got to be that one guy /sigh

zeal0us1214d ago

What do you expect this is N4g after all