Seriously, Why Did PSone Classics Never get Trophies?

It has always irked me that PSone Classics never received trophies on PSN. It seems like an obviously way for Sony to make a boatload of cash. I think Sony underestimates the trophy hunting community.

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xtheblackparade1217d ago

Probably because most people have beaten most classics already, so no need/fun to get al achievements twice.

thatguyhayat1217d ago

Maybe not now but somewhere in the future. Id love a legend of dragoon, spyro trilogy, tomba and many more plats

stalepie1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I think they started putting PS1 games on the store before they had trophies. These are just exact, emulated copies of the original rather than a mix of porting and emulation like the new PS2 titles.

I remember that "weird" document (patent) that proposed overlaying trophies across emulated games. It might work like http://retroachievements.or... So they could definitely add a feature like that and perhaps they're working on it?