What Fallout 4 DLC Should Have Been

Fallout 4 DLC is wrapping up with Nuka World, but as we reflect on all the content, we can't help but dream of the ideal hypothetical Fallout 4 expansions.

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-Foxtrot1216d ago

Maybe you know not half of it being small little DLC packs which mods have done for free or could have been added for free

We should have had at least 3 huge DLC packs.

KillZallthebeast1216d ago

If only it was the same as the new vegas dlc. Old world blues was my favorite by miles

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TheUnsuper1216d ago

why can't they do it like new vegas

Redx1651216d ago

What a true disappointing game...

Doesn't even feel like a RPG game. Feels more like a Minecraft hybrid. Its sad the only replay value that game has is its building mode..

Skyrim Remastered can't come here soon enough

spoilerjerk1216d ago

The biggest issue is that Fallout 4 was designed around gameplay mechanics nobody wanted in a Fallout game. First off, it felt like a open world shooter... just about every mission consisting of go here chat to these people who want you to go somewhere else and shoot everything in sight. The other issues being settlement building, which is atrociously implemented to begin with but completely killed the game. And as much as I'd like to say I'm looking forward to a future Fallout game I'm actually not, I think the building/shooting components will even become more obvious. Reminds me of Mass Effect going from epic space RPG to a Gears of War clone.

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