Nintendo Files Three New Patents - Hints Heavily At NX Features

More NX patents turn up in the wild - seemingly for the controller add-ons.

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BrandanT1219d ago

I don't know enough about tech if that helps or not.

Shaun2k51219d ago

It looks like the add on will use infrared to communicate with the console unit.

BrandanT1219d ago

As long as it's low latency, I'll be fine with it.

hillsht1219d ago

That does not help at all...thanks.

MoveTheGlow1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

The patent described here, if implemented, would help a ton with what Nintendo usually wants to do, which is change up how hardware works while accommodating various forms of play.

Think back to early 3DS days when Kid Icarus came out. That game was such a wrist-stretching compromise because the 3DS wasn't built for what Sakurai wanted it to be. They even tried to make a stand. A stand! For a portable console! Just for that game! Soon enough they made the New 3DS, which basically just helped with Monster Hunter as far as the new Circle Nub was concerned. They couldn't retrofit old games, either, so Kid Icarus was screwed. Even further back, think of the original DS, and how Metroid Prime Hunters was such a wreck because it didn't have a good dual analog control set. And yet, the DS itself was cool! It broke ground in gaming! Kirby Canvas Curse was amazing because it was made for that particular set of controls.

Having interchangeable sets of buttons interlock with a touchscreen console would enable various forms of play without killing other forms of play (when done right. Relying on third-parties is not the way to go, Apple!). Like, you want to play MonHun all day every day, here's a controller for that. If you want a phone-like touchscreen device for only Pokemon Go and you want it in your pocket, don't attach a controller. Put on this big giant controller wrapper for shooters, like a Splatoon sequel or *ohgodplease* a new Metroid game... or heck, it might work on a portable Dark Souls.

There's also... well, the opportunity to exploit this for a ton of cash. I hope they can keep the amount of controllers they sell to just what they need, and not go nuts with it.

Then again, maybe you'd finally have a way to have affordable special-edition versions of hardware, without having to buy yet another portable console itself (like with the sold-out-instantly Zelda ones).

ScreenGurus1219d ago

I just hope that if they are going to offer up a multitude of controller add-ons - they come reasonably priced.

blawren41218d ago

Who knows, but sounds amazing. basically a pro controller with gyro that can be taken on the go or used without the screen for "regular controller". I hope this one is true. Maybe this is finally when we get gamecube games on the eshop, with a specific gamecube attachment and played on the go.

Segata1219d ago

The console emits the light the add on simply reflects it. Latency would be no issue and Nintendo of all consoles makers is best at low latency. Vita to PS4 for example is much higher latency than Gamepad on Wii U.

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-Foxtrot1219d ago

That controller and add on....urgh

Shaun2k51219d ago

I'd say it's not indicative of the final design. At least to God I hope not.

Metallox1219d ago

It's not an indication, it just gives you an idea.

TheCommentator1219d ago

Metallox, what's the difference between an indication and an idea? Neither tells you exactly what's going on. A blueprint, OTOH...

Metallox1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Commentator, yes, a blueprint, so it's not an indication of the final design of the device, but rather, it just gives you an idea of how the final product will work, come on.

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Immorals1219d ago

Nintendo, they never learn :(.

I can see NX being Nintys last home console if the NX bombs sadly. They'll stick to handhelds

LAWSON721219d ago

If Nintendo needs to make a more powerful PS4 to stay relevant whats the point of them making consoles anyway? Shouldn't they just be third party.

Let them be imaginative and try to strive for new unique experiences that cant be found anywhere else because Sony and MS are not going to provide that.

RosweeSon1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

No they teach.
I'm not liking the look of it tho won't lie, I'm all for innovation but revision for the sake of difference just use a pro controller or that screen with no buttons things but add a couple of triggers and with the sticks I dunno.

Still all to be revealed and I clearly ain't got a clue but I'm all for a great new add on and a reason to bolt something on to the console or get an addition accessory ie gameboy camera was pretty cool, never got the printer, PlayStation had the little PlayStation minis think they were mainly Japan only maybe a limited release elsewhere and other cool adds on's over the year and future ones as PSVR looks pretty cool don't think I'll be day one but we'll see got one pre ordered in case but yeah those pictures just look like an iPhone or tablet with buttons bolted on the side like Lego haha. Not exactly the world shattering new way to play I was expecting from Nintendo but maybe this is just a future add on to interstate all their upcoming mobile apps into the new Console hope this isn't the new controller.

NatureOfLogic_1219d ago

NX is not even a home console.

1219d ago
SirBradders1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

You see i don't think so, there handheld devices are smashing it so if they can draw in that crowd. keep there dedicated console fans and attract intrigued people then I think this will do well.

Thats Nintendo thinking I'm sure and remember Nintendo strive on being different.

Idiedgoodbye1218d ago

Mabe this is the handheld we just don't know it yet

_-EDMIX-_1218d ago

Whos to say NX isn't already a handheld and wii u was their last dedicated console?

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MoveTheGlow1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Patents like this are illustrated like crap on purpose - everything except what the patent is for needs to be super generic and nondescript. They're meant to describe one specific thing and give absolutely no indication of what a final designed product would look like, with the exception of maybe how it's plugged in. In this case, you'd probably see nothing like the controller you're seeing in practice.

This is why patent hype kinda sucks.

Christopher1219d ago

My issue with the patent is that it specifies 4 input elements (buttons on the attached controller portion) rather than a single throughput that could be applied to more than just 4 input elements. This limits what could be made to be attached greatly.

I'm going to assume that this type of thing is being done solely to control hardware on the device while allowing 'special design' hardware to be made such as a Pokemon controller faceplate without having to buy a whole new system or an entire controller.

bouzebbal1218d ago

Come on man that's just a sketch showing the principe of connection, not a detailed design.

wonderfulmonkeyman1215d ago

@ Ed
Nintendo's the one who said the NX is a console. Ages ago.
You can hope and pray with all your little heart, but they're not going to exit dedicated hardware over one recent failure on the tail end of a far larger success.

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DeeBeers1219d ago

In terms of power if the rumors are true it wont be that much stronger than WiiU. In fact, I wouldnt be surprised if they kept supporting WiiU with the new titles (since sales of their 1st party games like smash bros have exceeded 4mil, which is nothing to scoff at)

bottom of the line, I might be OK sticking with my WiiU to play NX games. That would be great IMO.

LAWSON721219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

From the rumors, do not expect this thing to run Wii U games, natively anyway, and vice versa. Heck rumors say this thing used cartridges.

Sirk7x1218d ago

Flash storage is much superior to discs these days. Read speeds on lasers are too slow, that's why you have to install every game you own on your HDD on the Xbox and PS4. It's getting cheaper to manufacture as well, and you save on hardware costs by having less moving parts.

ScreenGurus1219d ago

I'd be curious to see if they bring any Wii U games across in remake fashion. There's a number of great Wii U games that were overlooked because of the Wii U's lak of sales - perhaps they'll get another jolt of life on the NX.

Segata1219d ago

totally different architecture tho.

hillsht1219d ago

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think Nintendo is fucking up with a mobile video chip and the "take your games with you" concept. They already own the handheld space and it's been years since they've released a truly legit home console.

DeeBeers1219d ago

I dont think that battery power and network range are at a place where a portable home console is even remotely practical at this point.

LAWSON721219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I am excited to see what experiences they can cook up with the hybrid nature of the system. I think there is more to the system than just a new handheld that can be viewed on a TV.

TXIDarkAvenger1219d ago

Seems like a smart move on one hand. They dominate the handheld market but not the console market so they merge the best of both worlds into one device. Even if its not a good console, Nintendo has always delivered when it comes to handhelds.

NotEvenMyFinalForm1219d ago

attaching buttons to a tablet is hardly original.