Eleven new Gundam Mudo screenshots

Today we have eleven new screenshots of the PLAYSTATION 3 game Gundam Muso. View them below.

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Odiah5242d ago

this a sequel to that really crap game? Or is the word Gundam not limited to one company?

(serious question)

fablex5242d ago

i think it is the same series.

achira5242d ago

Odia, i bet with you that you even didnt play that game! i own this game, and it has very good graphics and good physics. its definitively a good gundam game!

achira5242d ago

oh, i forogot, the pics look very cool. cant wait for this game.

hellraiser5015242d ago

Is this really a PS3 game? I mean look at the water thats all I have to say.

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