All Grand Theft Auto maps in one game? GTA5 maybe ?

Matt Stanyon reports 'I've just had a progress report sent over from Keith, the lead developer of the major modification for Vice City and San Andreas, this mod is called GTA: Sate of Liberty and it basically brings all of the islands including Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas together and makes them....'

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HighDefinition4319d ago

I can tell you one thing, it`ll be a PS3 exclusive. You NEED Bluray to do that.

Since "Sandbox" games have to be on 1 disc only.

thor4319d ago

Not necessarily. They could make you swap disks when you change areas. I mean, MGS4 had no problem making me install the game EVERY TIME I WANTED TO PLAY because my brother was on a different act. It also had NO option to install 2 acts (or even 5) at the same time.

THC CELL4319d ago

x box better come up with a Xbox CD changer cause if u think i am swopping 5 CDs they have another thing coming

Hell with it this should prove Blue ray is needed

shine13964319d ago

erm...I would say this is only a mod but didn't counter strike start off as a mod?

HighDefinition4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Not possible.....

Say your in a car chase, if you change disks when you change citys all the data that was streaming from the first disk would be lost(like the police chasing you for example). It just can`t happen, it`s a FACT w/o what I mentioned happening.

BTW, MGS4 isn`t a "sandbox" game. it`s a very open linear expierence, therefore it would have no problems being on multiple disks.

thor4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Yes but my comment was that game developers aren't going to think of how convenient it is swapping disks/loading/installing in between a car chase. The cars in the chase could be stored in main memory and then the world is streamed from the next disk when you put it in (some data would have to be on both disks, such as the area in the transition). It could be done, and MGS4 is proof that developers don't always consider the convenience of it.

I remember not playing MGS4 because I couldn't be bothered to sit through an install, and then my brother when he played would have to sit through an install again. It was a pain and an error on the developers' part to not include an "install all" option.

Shroomy4319d ago

PC games while smaller in GB are usually larger in content, ironically.

LastDance4319d ago

Thor...that would be annoying man! I wanted to show my girlfriend a cutscene in act 2 and 4....god i had to install act two then re install act 4 again. I wish ther was an option to just intall the lot.

AAACE54319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Something as great an idea as this. And all you can do is find a way to defend your beloved Ps3... F***in pathetic! What about the fact that something like this could be the GTA: World rumor that we were hearing and could provide endless hours of exciting gameplay?

Well whatever, the blu-ray disc would be a prime candidate for something like this! I know that sounds hypocritical, but I had to point out how sad fanboys are nowadays!

@Shine... Heavy Rain started out as a tech demo, and is now becoming a game... so it is possible!

sumfood4u4319d ago

Wahoo just got 100% on Ratchet & Clank TOD! no its off the subject just excited. lol!

ChickeyCantor4319d ago

"was streaming from the first disk would be lost(like the police chasing you for example). It just can`t happen, it`s a FACT w/o what I mentioned happening.

Actually loads of stuff is downloaded into the Ram.
This is possible. It just depends on how your engine works.
Developers always have their own tricks and what not to make something work. Remember Software can do anything as long the mind behind it is a genious =P.

Anyway ramble on.

HighDefinition4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

I can`t think of ONE game that has ever done that, not on PC.

For thinking your so intellegent your actually quite rude.

ChickeyCantor4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

In what way am i rude?

Programmers need to find solutions to make certain things work.
In what way did i offend anyone?

You admit it is possible yet I am saying something wrong wtf?
I didnt think i'm intelligent with that post. For what reason do you have the need to bash me?

ChickeyCantor4319d ago

Btw a Cop chasing you is not streamed from the Disc, its not a
static Event. A cop chasing you is mostlikely written into the RAM.

thor4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Everything is in RAM. Everything.
Something on the disk has to be pulled into ram (loaded, that's what loading IS) in order for it to be used in the game. Otherwise you can't
see it
collide with it
interact with it.

Streaming is just loading whilst you are playing the game. It's loading assets from the disk into RAM as you are playing. So if you start walking in the direction of an area that's not yet loaded into RAM, the game will load that area. That's all streaming is. And there's no reason that when you started walking into an area that wasn't on the current disk, the game couldn't ask you to insert another disk, and then proceed to load that area from that disk. There could be an overlapping region to prevent you having to swap disks each time you crossed an invisible line between disks.

ChickeyCantor4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Thats pretty much what i said...

They could pretty much give you a short grey screen saying : insert disc (insert number) while the ingame render in the background froze.
Once the disc is in the drive the game will continue streaming all the other content of the islands/lands.

I was just replying to HD that it isnt impossible.

HighDefinition4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Can u provide a example of this?

a game not on PC that has done this?

BTW: "Anyway ramble on" is extremly rude.

thor4319d ago

I can't think of an example off-hand, I think devs in the past have not wanted to be that annoying. If they are limited by the hardware, however, such as requiring an install for each act in MGS4, they are perfectly capable of irritating us as I already explained.

But I'll ask you to consider - what would happen if in GTA4 they deleted an entire section of the map off the disk (except for the low level of detail models)? Nothing would happen until you went to (or near) that area. At which point it would crash. Now delete the rest of the map (save for an overlapping region, would have to be quite large because of the draw distances), and the same thing would happen OUTSIDE that area. Put in a "change disk" screen between areas and lo and behold you have a map with 2 disks for 2 areas that you need to change disk for.

HighDefinition4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

IS Sam Houser speaking about GTAIV for PS3 and 360. He said, DVD9 caused a problem because of the size restriction compared to BR.

So.....That`s why I`m saying what I`m saying.

ChickeyCantor4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Its simple, you say removing the Disc will remove the events.
just play a normal game, any game. Take out the disc and it will freeze and say please insert Game disc. Game will continue.
According to your logic all Data should be lost, but thats not true since its being loaded into the Ram.

So basically the game could ask you to remove the Disc insert the requested disk and continue.

The reason R* had problems is because they wanted to fit everything onto one disc.
If they wanted to use multiple discs there wouldnt be a problem, just a bit more programming, unless the engine already supports Disc swapping.
Size restriction got nothing to do with the fact its "possible", thats what Multiple Discs are for...

Ramble on wasn't meant to you only, i was refering to the DVD vs B-ray discussion. You just took it offensive.

But i think it won't do well from a designers standpoint.
I mean getting chased, changing disk, trying to outsmart the cops riding back into the different map basically meant you have to swap everytime you crossed the line.

HighDefinition4319d ago

We basically agree. Even if it could be done you wouldn`t want to. Took a few Hrs, but hey.....


ChickeyCantor4319d ago

yeah in some way we do =P.
Thnx for the bubble =).

4319d ago
HighDefinition4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

All I gotta say to that is.

LOL, you are a angry person.

I like talking to Sidar more, you get no more of my time.

silvacrest4319d ago

that i reported dan-boy as being offensive to high definition

the comments made were so offensive for some one you've never meet and i think i can speak for every one when i say im glade you've stayed away from this site, lets hope that continues

LastDance4319d ago

Dan boy, youve been reported. I hope they ban you

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THC CELL4319d ago

if this is True then who says blue ray is not Needed

This will be 100% ps3 exclusive

How do u like them apples PP

Man_of_the_year4319d ago

With the new Xbox dashboard you will be able to save all the disks on your HDD and then just stream off the HDD so i guess that could solve the problem...unless you have a 360 that isn't hooked up to the internet to DL the new dashboard

BLuKhaos4319d ago

I'm thinking he's eyeballing another company's apples at the moment.

alakazzam4319d ago

and not every xbox has a HDD

militant074319d ago

i dont like GTA games i just enjoied playing San Andress cuse of Jets,
i prefer RPGs/Sims/Action Adven.

poopsack4319d ago

that would be pretty epic.

Stryfeno24319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

That will be dumb because the game might take 500+ hours to complete.

fafoon4319d ago

Did You just realize it wont be possible on the Xbox

BLuKhaos4319d ago

the majority of people that play GTA don't finish it anyways

cemelc4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Are you kidding me, a 500 hundred hour game, thats my dream come true

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