No Man's Sky Video Game Review \ paulsemel

Despite its lofty ambitions, the space exploration game No Man's Sky is a dull and frustrating voyage.

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ICarly19851218d ago

Game looks good but gonna wait until it's on sale...maybe this black friday

spoilerjerk1218d ago

I paid $80 for the limited edition and now after putting 25 hours into the title I would have gladly paid double that amount, hands down the best game I have played this generation... absolutely mind blowing... haven't had this much fun with a new game experience since Super Mario 64.

yeahokwhatever1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Umm you didn't play it long enough to form an opinion that's based on factual information.
Running is slow...until you upgrade your suit to boost your stamina. Moving around in your ship is slow..until you get a new, faster ship. You do have limited space..until you upgrade your suit to hold more, and get a bigger ship with better storage. My current ship traverses the landscape and space at about twice the speed as my first one, and it takes a really, really long time for me to get tired when sprinting. I can also stay under water for long periods of time, fire grenades, bouncing bullets, and more. What game have you played recently that had RPG elements where you start at top level? Why have those elements? Your review should be edited to say "I found the game too boring early on for my ADHD meds to handle. I lost interest before I was able to do anything of any worth in the game. So, I give it a 0/0"

spoilerjerk1218d ago

So you really didn't give the game a chance then... I'm a few days into it and have a ship with 31 slots and exosuit inventory with 26 slots, each with room to grown. I have upgraded my running and jumping so much for example that I can get around any environment super quick. But again, seems that most reviewers not liking this game are upset the game doesn't hold their hand.