Ed Boon’s Injustice 2 Twitter Poll Asks Which Red Hood Is Best

If you've ever wanted to see the Red Hood join the cast of Injustice 2, you just may get your wish. You just gotta vote for him!

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GigawattConduit1211d ago

Well yeah, because he actually HAS a hood, and his helmet thing is freaking awesome

xDealtwithIt1211d ago

Why does everyone love this 2 cent character? Knowing neather realms he'll play like Deathstroke with some Nightwing moves.

GigawattConduit1211d ago

Why not? He's a fun dude, and he is logically how someone would react if they followed Batman's rules but that didn't work out for them.

N0TaB0T1211d ago

I like both. Why? They both play an important role, and in the Killing Joke, the original Red Hood was a great tragic character even if he wasn't a long lasted identity (pre-joker).