Quantum Break's Windows 10 version won't support DirectX 11

Quantum Break is getting a Steam release, but customers with the Windows Store version won't get any of the new improvements unless they repurchase the game.

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1nsomniac1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Seems like they're angry at Microsoft. Bringing an updated version to Steam then publicly stating they wont be releasing any more patches for the Windows store version. Seems very harsh on their customers who bought the Windows store version.

Razzer1209d ago

Sounds like they are just abandoning the Windows Store version. Going back to 11 just because it is easier for you is fine, but you sold the DirectX 12 version. Support the damn thing.

So far Windows 10/Store is looking a lot like Games for Windows Live. More broken PC gaming promises, Microsoft. Stupid and sad.