Sky's the Limit: How No Man's Sky has revolutionised indie development forever

With a universe to explore, the PS4 and PC game may be indie gaming's greatest achievement.

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MilkMan1212d ago

The only thing the "revolutionized" was how fast they tricked customers into parting with their money. This new PR campaign will be duplicated by many I'm sure.
Just got to get wise and NOT give them your money.

Goldby1212d ago

thats odd, i wasn't tricked. i am getting exactly what i was told i would get. over 18 quintillion planets to explore, nearly seamless loading, millions and millions of fauna and flora, and i get to travel through black holes.

if you are implying the MP. give it a rest and let them fix their servers before you are throwing them to the sharks, or else every company would have been eaten up by now

MilkMan1212d ago

No, I'm saying they implied endless adventure. Adventure with no narrative or structure is endless wandering, collecting minerals so fuel your toys and add-infinitum
That's about as exciting as yanking your own teeth out.
This mineral gathergin, walking simulator should have been no more than $!5 and they should have been crystal clear that these planets are as empty as my wallet.

For Christ sake, even Minecraft moved at a better pace and had more to do and I detested crafting simulators.
These programs have utterly destroyed gaming. We use to have busy work in games, now we collect dust, mud and leaves to make a brick, get enough brick you can make a floor....etc.

I've already dissuaded 14 of my friends to stop purchasing this catastrophe and Ill keep spreading the word. Thing is, this program does all the work for me. I boot it up, they see me walking around for hours and switch to anything else.

You want relaxation play Abzu, it relaxes, it entertains and believe it or not it has a narrative. What a concept.

Goldby1211d ago


You are exactly whats wrong with this.

You said youself you hate crafting simulators. Then why the hell did you buy this game.

Thats would be like me, someone who hates sports games going out and buying fifa 17 and being shocked that its a sports game,

Nustbecause you dont like it and think it isnt worth more than 5$ (entitled much?) doesnt mean others will be as stupid as you to buy something from a genre that they dont like. Hopefully you bought the ps4 physical copy so you can sell it and let someone else enjoy the game at a bit cheaper price.

"No, I'm saying they implied endless adventure. Adventure with no narrative or structure is endless wandering, collecting minerals so fuel your toys and add-infinitum "

So they told you what was coming, you knew from the get go what the game was about and you still bought it?
Maybe your wallet is empty because of spontanious purchases without actually tginking "hmm will i like this?" but instead you just jumped onto it because the media told you to.

This game isnt for everyone. That much is clear. But to push your friends and colleugez away simpky because you dont like it js a very bad trait for our industry and community. Kearn to make your own choices. Your wallet will thank you

spoilerjerk1212d ago

Honestly, what is your problem? You had no intention of ever playing the game to begin with and yet have spent so much time hating on a game you have never played. I have put in 32 hours so far and it has exceeded everything they said it was, nobody tricked anybody. Don't you have some dude-bro shooter you should be playing?

MilkMan1212d ago

Don't like Call of Duty sorry. But it easy to see what I play and what I don't. Look me up. I don't talk about what I don't know.

ONESHOTV21211d ago

dude this game is not worth more than 5$ the only people that is willing to buy this are the ones that dont have nothing better to play. what was the last game released on console and how long ? i guess i answered my self

Dark_Knightmare21212d ago

I'm sorry how did they trick me please tell me

Dark_Knightmare21212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Lol i played abzu and loved it but no it didn't have a narrative besides the one you interprete just like the other game what is it oh yeah no man's sky. Wait scratch that I've already followed the story of the vy'keen warrior leader hirk in his quest to lead his people in war against the sentinels while making sure the travelers are safe which I assume is us in the game or how about the travelers story I found where he meant aliens made of glass or it could be the other three travelers stories I've completed already. Play the game before you talk or better yet if you hate the game so much don't come to an article talking about it just to tell people you hate it. They don't care just like they don't care I love it but the difference is people that do like it would like to discuss it not have someone like you crying like it's going to change their mind and make them all of sudden be like yeah you're right this game does suck.

Goldby1211d ago

Let me pick that mic up for you

paddy951211d ago Show
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CuddlyREDRUM1212d ago

Just hype and lie for a few years, release game to fan and review backlash.

kevnb1212d ago

Wasn't the game funded and published by Sony... get out of here.

Goldby1212d ago

physical disc and marketing were covered by sony

kevnb1212d ago

That's so huge though, the marketing has been done very well.

Servbot411211d ago

All you have to do is continue to lie even after the game releases about the features of your game!

lockedongamer11211d ago

For consumers, this sucks. Indie games with far less content than AAA's can now be sold at $60 (or $80 in Canada).