No Man's Sky Guide - Atlas Stones And Why You Need to Hold Onto Them

While No Man's Sky is as expansive as any video game can get, there's still an end game amid all that space exploration and here's how you do it.

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Palitera1215d ago

"You Need to Hold Onto Them": all I need to know.

the_mack_attack31215d ago

Yeah, might have dropped the ball there ha.

C-H-E-F1215d ago

lmao... I sold the eff outta these things had 3 of them was going for like 200k I was like uhm... daddy needs a new spaceship and ship parts.... made like 650k off of these things...

However, i'm not sure if you all know but when you go to a space station look at prices... stuff inside sell higher/lower compared to the travelers (other space people who come to the space station).... for example, I had aluminum was going for 47k inside went outside and it was going for 98k.

Palitera1211d ago

Yeah, when they are marked with an *, the prices are inflated.
Every merchant has dynamic resonators, which you can buy for 33k without * and sell at 53k with *, on the same place, just wait for ships to come and go on space stations.
It is a good way to make money on the first half of the game. Made my first 5kk this way and getting gravitino balls.

joab7771215d ago

Yeah. I don't wanna read on. I haven't even found my 1st yet...taking it slow. Exploring every planet a bit, finally breaches 2 mil, gonna upgrade my ship. It seems every time I craft new mods, I find a better muti-tool lol!

I just wish you could move mods without having to destroy and recreate them.

spoilerjerk1215d ago

It would be great to have inventory seperated for each section (exosuit, multitool, ship) between resources and upgrades. Having them mixed together taking up space is about my only gripe with the game so far, everything else is fantastic.

C-H-E-F1215d ago

the game is like that because your "upgrades" take up cargo space, so they all are in the same area.

Kokyu1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

@C-H-E-F but thats stupid if you had a real ship and upgraded it the mod or upgrade wouldnt still be sitting in inventor taking up space. You barely have enough space to hold the crap you need to craft parts to fix the ship because.....they take up inventor apace too !!!.

Thats my only complaint really, other than that I think the game is pretty soild.

Guyfamily9991214d ago

If you're struggling for inventory space, once you have an atlas pass v1 to access that side of the space station, I've been finding a suit upgrade in every space station. It starts to get expensive but my suit has 34 slots now.

maniacmayhem1215d ago

I wish I could at least get one

1215d ago
Ozmoses1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Yeah the title says it all... I'm not reading the full article.

Hold onto them when you get it... That's all I need to know.. I have seen a few though for sale just super super expensive.

I've been taking my time. I've finished discovering all the planets and/or moons in my Starting Star System and the 2nd Star System that was along the path towards the center.

I'm in my 3rd Star System right now.. Just some random point of light I chose. It only had 1 planet and I wanted to claim it. It's an extreme hazard high security sentinal planet with Gravitino Balls scattered everywhere... The sentinels shoot on site.

The game currently is guiding me towards the Atlas Interface through the prompts in the bottom right. The path is on my galactic map I just haven't started heading over there yet.

Like I said I've been taking my time. I have like 28 exosuits slots, I still have my original ship from pre-ordering (The Domanis S84 - 16 Slots) and I just got a new multi-tool not too long ago with 14 slots. (I just roll with the mining beam and the plasma grenade) My highest mining beam attachment I think is the Combat Amplifier Theta +4, but I have +3 on all the other things like Coolant, Intesifier, Focus..

I haven't had any real problems other then the ship only having 16 slots.. It's definitely time to upgrade my ship!

I've only died once so far and that's because I ran out of resources for my shield during a Space Fight with 4 attacking vehicles.

Already really high up on some of the milestones also... By the end of my next session I'll probably already have the Gold Trophy for walking around and learning languages.

I'm absolutely in love.