Rainbow Six Siege Cheaters Are About to Get Their Comeuppance

"Ubisoft has announced it will begin banning Rainbow Six Siege players that have been using software to cheat in online multiplayer matches.In a post on the Ubisoft forums, the company said its BattlEye "has been tracking various cheating software" since it was implemented, and will now begin to cull the offending players." - Gamespot

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Majister-Ludi1213d ago

Great to hear, siege is the one game I seem to encounter hackers a lot. It's too bad because it's a really fun game but when someone lights me up from the floor below when I haven't moved something is fishy.

Bevbrigade1213d ago

The not moving is your problem. If they watch you on their camera, see you aren't moving, it makes perfect sense to ambush you like that if able. I've killed many people through walls and Windows using the same technique. It's not hacking, it's out playing you.

Simon_the_sorcerer1213d ago

"using software to cheat in online multiplayer matches"...

Simon_the_sorcerer1213d ago

I´ve heard that it´s one of THE worst games when it comes to hacks/hackers and such...So yes, very much so.