Quantum Break Win10 Unlikely To Receive Another Patch, No Plans To Release Making Of Digitally

The Windows 10 release of Quantum Break is unlikely to receive another patch, Remedy's head of PR revealed on Twitter. It's also been revealed that there are no plans to release digitally some of the goodies of the Collector's Edition

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korgun1221d ago

The game will sell much better on Steam. Very wise decision. Money matters.

italiangamer1221d ago

Look! Aaron Hamburger saying bullshits for the millionth time! That never happened! /s

Herbalistic1221d ago

Greenburg continues to be one of the worst PR guys at Microsoft with all of the crap trail behind him over the years

s45gr321221d ago

Well, because no PC gamer is going to buy half ass games. Its clear that Quantum Break is not selling; therefore, Microsoft is forced to release say game on Steam, to make profit. Hopefully, this also means GOG, amazon, etc.

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Herbalistic1221d ago

Microsoft aren't doing themselves any favors by killing off support for the game on Win10.This move is going to make even more folks stay away from their app store going forward.

Kribwalker1221d ago

Or you know, it's a single player game, that doesn't really need more patches

Herbalistic1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Just because its a single player game it doesn't need patches?multiplayer titles aren't the only ones which benefit in terms of performance from patches..There could be bugs and etc that need fixing and without the ability to patch those could ruin the experience for gamers.

Kaze881221d ago

Game runs like shit and it doesnt need a patch since its a single player only...pfff really?

2pacalypsenow1221d ago

I see you've never played a game on PC

nowitzki20041221d ago

Yeah because single player = perfect optimization /s

What rock u been under? seriously.

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MilkMan1221d ago

They shat all over this one. Thanks MS!

jay21221d ago

Piss poor ms yet again

kevnb1221d ago

Game was incredibly disappointing.

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