Is Telltale teasing a Mr Robot game for Gamescom?

On the official Facebook page of Telltale Games, they seem to be teasing something related to the hit TV series Mr Robot.  On the post which is accompanied with a short video promoting E Corp (the big bad software organisation in the series) that states an E Corp Messaging App is on the way for

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DragonDDark1218d ago

I love the show. Cant wait for telltale to ruin it. lol

NewMonday1218d ago

Dr.Who is an obvious choice, why Telltale don't go for the IP is a mystery

poppinslops1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Because the Doctor isn't half as popular as Game of Thrones, Batman, The Walking Dead, Minecraft, etc... Telltale are at a point where they're able to license the world's biggest franchises - if it weren't for EA's deal with the Disney they'd be making 'Tales from the Star Wars'.

Which is why I doubt they're doing a Mr. Robot game... it's a great show (gets better with each episode), but it basically tells the story of a guy who spends most of his lucid moments holed-up in his room taking morphine, sitting at a computer and getting into arguments with his 'Dad' - hardly the foundation for exciting gameplay.

Edit: I suppose they could tell a story set within Mr Robot's world, but told from the perspective of new characters... Maybe some Dark Army hacker, or a FBI agent? They'd still have to find a way to make the hacking more than just another QTE, but it could work - so long as they don't try to substitute Elliot with another unreliable narrator.

NewMonday1218d ago

Telltale did Fable and it's a good but very obscure IP, Dr.Who has unlimited storytelling potential and has a fandom that spans decades.

poppinslops1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

The Wolf Among Us came out in 2013 - back when Telltale were still thought of as an indie dev... That said, it's probably my favourite Telltale series, though I think think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I went in without any pre-concieved notions regarding the Fables series - that and it was free (GwG), which never hurts.

Dr Who isn't obscure, but it isn't terribly popular either... I seem to recall somebody attempted an American adaptation (like The Office, or Shameless) of the show, but it bombed - or was that just an episode of 'Community'?

Either way, I've given this Mr Robot tie-in some thought and I've come around to the idea, insofar as I can see Telltale doing it... I'd have preferred the show had a little more time to flourish (it's only in it's 2nd season) before a spin-off, but I'm gonna wait to see what Telltale announce before I condemn it.

If I had to guess I'd say it will be at most 3 episodes, telling the story of Elliot's 'downtime' - from his 'blackout' following the E-Corp hack and the worst of the financial collapse, through to the period he spent devoted to 'the routine'... I figure it'll explain how a certain member of F Society got shot, as well as the tale of Tyrell, whose actor has had a lot of free time.

Kal-V31218d ago

I couldn't agree with your comment more.

mgszelda11218d ago

How much longer can they make the same basic game? So much emphasize on choice only to be herded into either one ending or the same starting point in a season 2. Give me a quantic dream or super massive game with a little more flexibility in the story

iceman061217d ago

As long as people keep buying them. Somehow, they escape the massive criticism of other games in the same genre.