Sony shares hit 3-yr low after Vaio laptop recall

Sony's bottom line just keeps taking a fall with another recall due to overheating Vaios, the stock is now at a three year low.

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thereapersson3884d ago

Why can't they make a model that doesn't overheat / batteries that don't explode?

It would seem that all their R&D was put into making the PS3 the best built console ever made. Too bad the same can't be said about their VAIO PC's...

Also, their PC's come with more bloatware than even an HP computer (and that's saying something).

anh_duong3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

the nikkei index is 1% from a three year low.. not just sony but the trade weighted index of the 225 largest japanese companies are pretty much at a 3yr low.. i.e. on average almost every major japanese stocks are at their 3yr low

by the way this is fact, disagree if you are a troll

Eddie201013884d ago

It was one type of laptop out of the many different types of laptops and desktops that Sony make, doesn't constitute a failure at making computers. All computer manufacturers or electronic manufacturer have had a faulty product at one time or another, Sony, being such a recognizable name, always gets pointed out by the press. Sony is making an effort to fix the problems and before the recall they were fixing the laptops case by case. As for Sony stock being down, many stocks are down in japan wright now.

As for the battery issue, Sony has been making various types of batteries for many years, One type of battery out of all the different types of batteries made was faulty to a degree that it had to be recalled.

When you manufacture as many items as Sony does the law of averages would dictate you have a bad product once in a while.

thereapersson3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

However, I just really don't like Sony computers. I like the technology that they employ (HD-ready displays, etc), but as for their actual performance, they really aren't anything special.

To Sony's credit, they are always finding ways to seemingly innovate in their different departments...

season0073884d ago

nothing special

Look at Yahoo, Msft, Google

These shares all get to just 2/3 of the price(or less) compared with an year ago...

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Fishy Fingers3884d ago

Ah well perhaps this will encourage them to spend more time on QA. At least the problem has been admitted (not that they could hide it) and a recall is planned.

Personally I wouldnt buy a VAIO anyway, they're always over priced, you can get the same specs and build quality from many other "cheaper" laptop producers (says the guy with the MacBook pro >_<).

snittolo3884d ago

haha I don't know if you can beat HP in the market of bloatware, it would be some kind of record! But on the note of the VAIO I hope this recall stays with just the TZ line, otherwise Sony will have a serious issue on their hands.

thereapersson3884d ago

There are like 50 icons on the desktop alone. Personally, I don't approve of the process of pre-loading a bunch of crap on a PC, which is why I only opt for building my own. At times it may be a bit more expensive to build a PC yourself, but at least you can start with a clean install and don't have to deal with any factory bullsh!t that comes with buying pre-built.

Eddie201013884d ago

Go to Add or delete programs, find program, click uninstall.

thereapersson3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Stop making excuses.

You know how to get off the internet? Alt+F4. Use it!

edit: and that was my original point, why it's better to build your own PC than to buy a PC brand from a major retailer.

edit: I just didn't like you assuming I know nothing about PC's with that uninstallation comment is all. No real hard feelings here, though.

But yes, let's just agree to disagree.

Eddie201013884d ago

All computers you buy at retail have a lot of bloatware. A little more or a little less on one or the other doesn't make that much difference. The amount of bloatware on a computer should not be how you decide to buy a computer, especially when its pretty easy delete what you don't want.

Eddie201013884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I build my own computers too, but for those who don't, I don't see it as being such a problem, for those people there may be some things on the computer they may find useful.

We'll agree to disagree.

As for you telling people what to do on the forums, thats BS.

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Irishrocket693884d ago

Another failure from SONY!

thereapersson3884d ago

Seriously, that was a legit question.

Irishrocket693884d ago

have your head up your ass, or is it SONYs C0ck. Seriously

ravinshield3884d ago

the great hardware company FONY failed

Pain3884d ago

Just Wow. anything bad Sony is a wet dream for u kids.

have fun with internet porn for the rest of your live's, Cuz if this get u off ur just sad.

beoulve3884d ago

at least sony recalled them, unlike one overheating console and don't want to admit at all. I'll stick with the company that do recall.

Irishrocket693883d ago

Sony did not recall them! They just warned people that they will get burned!

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