Euro delay rumours quashed by major retailer

Despite persistent games industry speculation that the European PS3 launch may be subject to further delay, online retailer has told GamesRadar that it has full faith in Sony achieving its March date.

"We're confident that Sony will meet the March release date,"'s senior games buyer, Gian Luzio, told us. "There are always scare stories about slippage but Sony has been reliable in the past and until we hear differently from Sony directly we believe a level of stock will be ready for launch."

Meanwhile, during a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show 2007 in Las Vegas, Peter Dille, vice president of marketing for Sony America (SCEA) also reconfirmed that Sony Europe (SCEE) were still on track, "They're [SCEE] set for March release and looking forward to it," he said.

Furthermore, Sony UK has maintained its stance in a recent phone call, with no new comment issued except a reiteration of David Reeves' "still on schedule" statement originally given in December 2006.

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InMyOpinion5436d ago

Are'nt they supposed to be? Like this is news...

MicroGamer5436d ago

there is not a single fact in this article supporting Sony making the expected March release date. It is pure speculation. Come up with something more concrete next time before you attempt to call it news.

wolfgang5435d ago

They probably started to built a good amount of consoles for Europa. They don't need to send every console made to the US since they can't manage to sell everything. I'm pretty sure they won't miss Europa launch date.

lil bush5435d ago

right now they should just get the consoles they need to support the launch demand but the 1# thing is to get the software they need to get this thing rowling cause a great luanch of games = a sucess for business to come. Im a sony fan but just get it done. The software lets you show you what your system can do besides r:fom there is no other game at the moment