GameInformer Interviews SCEA's Peter Dille

There have been a lot of questions that have popped up since the PlayStation 3 was launched in November. What's up with the PlayStation Network? Has Sony forgotten about their PSP? Or even the obligatory "How's business." After his presentation during CES 2007, Gameinformer caught up with SCEA's Senior VP of Marketing, Peter Dille, and picked his brain for some answers.

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kingboy5231d ago

Read page 2 second question and answer

Raist5231d ago

AFAIK they always said KZ2 would be released late 07

"Every Sunday in the paper, there’s a new deal with a free controller or a free game or $100 off all discounting the 360. I don’t think you take those measures if you’re selling as expected"

Lol, very nice point haha

THE TRUTH5231d ago

"Dille: I’m not sure if they had gone to 10 million or if they had announced that they had. I know a lot of people were wondering if they would ever get there. I think initially, their bravado speech was: “We’re going to get to 10 million before they ship.” And then it was: “We’re going to get to 10 million by the time the year is over.” I haven’t seen a new announcement from them, but what we do pay attention to is that month in, month out, the PlayStation 2 continues to outsell Xbox 360. I think you see the consumers voting with their wallets on the PlayStation brand. But also, if people want to go out and buy a 360, their stacked pretty high at retail and yet, six-year-old technology is outselling it. I also think there’s another trend going on."

Sony knows what they are doing people, I have no idea why after only 6 weeks on the market people can make a fair and intellegent opinion about a console that will last from 5-10 years! Rome wasn't built in a day gamers!

Beileve me developers like the PS3 and they are talking!

Developer of DMC4

"The PS3?
-DMC4 is a game that can only be made with the power of the Playstation 3. One thing that's cool about having the power of the PS3 is that instead of just doing dark night stuff or foggy stuff, we can do awesome looking blue skies and even the sea and do it with awesome graphics. We're gonna have locations in DMC4 that will make the players go "WTF!? Is this really a DMC game?" [lol, boat stage confirmed :P]. We want the locations and visual and ambience to be a 'new' experience and only the power of the Playstation 3 can bring that.
-We want to make a game that has the impact on the PS3 and gaming world that DMC1 had on the PS2.
-Also we've worked really hard on the movement and animation of the main character. In a lot of action games, the difficulty is actually because the charactere control's badly or the animations are too long and un-interruptable, we've worked really hard as a base to make the movement and animations great, so we hope everyone enjoys it.

Last words to the fans?
-The TGS demo was just a drop in the bucket, I can say with confidence that we're making a game that will make you say "I'm really glad I bought a Playstation 3". We're not going to let you down. We're making a game that has tons of depth and replayability to it that'll keep you satisfied"

I don't think either Sony or Nintendo is impressed at what MS has done with the 360 as far as sales goes! Remember MS had thee entire 06 Next-Gen market to themselves, if you think they will do BETTER in a market with both PS3 and Wii your blind to whats going on!

Nintendo did in 5 weeks what MS did in a whole year!

Sony has had their best launch ever beating both PS2 and PSone numbers

I ask again who you think has the most momentum, and who has got the most out of thier postition thus far?

beans5231d ago

What if Killzone 2 for PS3 looks as good as the trailer they showed us at E305 or what if it looks know where near it? I guess time will tell but hopefully it meets the hype! My expectations for it are higher than any game ever and will be the only game that makes me decide if a PS3 is worth the cash!

Funky Town_TX5231d ago

Sony could sale 6 million consoles on hype alone. Just put Sony on the console and they will sale. That is why when I go into gamestop I see PS3's stacked all over the place. This is not a good sign for a new console. The Wii is 6 year old tech and it outsold the PS3. IT'S ABOUT THE GAMEI KNOW SONY KNEW THAT BUT MAYBE THEY FORGOT. OH, AND LAIR IS NOT IT.

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