BLow2897d ago

I remember Sony not having a press conference=they weren't going to be there at all.....yyyyeah about that....

MartinB1052897d ago

This line-up is a list of games that will be on the show floor. They're not having a press conference, but they will be there on the show floor. Exactly the same situation as last year (I know because I was there).

Lsbb2897d ago

I was there the year the ps4 launched. Good times

freshslicepizza2897d ago

"Important to note: No PlayStation Vita. RIP."

the good news is the ps4 is getting those games instead like gravity rush 2.

indysurfn2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Well, Sony I have been waiting for a year since your tease, ALL I can say is two things:

We want Legend of black Lagoon! We want Legend of black Lagoon! We want Legend of black Lagoon!
We want Arc the Lad! We want Arc the Lad! We want Arc the Lad!

BLow2897d ago

I guess all of you missed my point. Remember there were articles on here saying since they weren't having a press conference that they were skipping the show entirely....well nvm....I guess I forgot to put the sarcasm sign at the end...0_o

PhoenixUp2897d ago

Sony will have a presence at as many conventions as possible

TylerFischer2897d ago

I think we are going to see a similar approach to PGW as Gamescom soon though. I think press conferences will be limited to PSX, E3, and TGS.

jb2272896d ago

That may be a safe bet...last year Sony spread itself a bit too thin, they had great announcements at every show, but if they had cut out PGW & instead moved those pieces over to PSX they would've dodged some of the disappointed fans expecting something like the year before in terms of reveals. E3 is for your summer bombshell announcements, TGS for the Eastern leaning fare, & PSX for the big holiday blowouts. That's a pace I believe Sony would have no problem keeping up for sure.

PhoenixUp2897d ago

Where is Twisted Metal, their longest running franchise

KwietStorm_BLM2897d ago

Who's even gonna make it? David Jaffe is doing his own thing and Incognito doesn't exist. If they just got some stupid to do it, probably wouldn't even be worth it.

5p4c3d2897d ago

Make Playstation Great Again?

mark_parch2897d ago

twisted metal world tour is still one of my favourite games of all time

TheColbertinator2897d ago

Colony Wars?


Omega Boost?

Syphon Filter?



Ape Escape?

Jak and Daxter?

Dark Cloud?

Sony has so many great IPs yet the fools that run it rather get lousy indies instead.

PizzaSteve2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I do agree I like to see more classic games like those but some of them wasn't big sellers and maybe Sony don't want to waste money on ip's that's not profitable. There have been great indie games on PS4.

_-EDMIX-_2897d ago

I think you need to be a bit realistic and what you're asking for , if those series were financially successful they would still exist today.

Strikepackage Bravo2897d ago

@ Colbert BINGO! at last someone gets it, the crap they are releasing is the equivalent to Xbox Live Arcade games, or worse, Xbox XNA games like we saw on 360 last gen. Those games were nice to have but you don't build a library on them. Where are the classics? Sony is short on cash and this kind of line up is the result. They are using the cash from console sales to finance the rest of the company, while returning very little of it to the playstation fans that have given them such success then gen. I find this to be a far bigger disgrace than anything Microsoft TRIED to do at the start of this gen. Sony will continue to screw its fans as long as everyone pretends this is acceptable. These kind of low budget games didn't "count" last gen when they were all over 360, and they shouldn't count this gen either. Sony spend the cash, take the risk, and deliver for your fans.

Goldby2897d ago


are you being serious?

Wheres the Risk in a game like No Man's Sky, or all of PSVR? like all of it as its still new tech? wheres MS's VR?
the company isn't losing money, Sony Interactive Entertainment is actually making money and is seperate from the reast of Sony so it isn't held back by TV's or audio equipment.

So is Uncharted 4 crap? what about Drive Club, or Infamous SS, The Witness, The Order, HellBlade: Senua's Sacrifice? WiLD? Tomorrow Children? FF7R? Bloodborne?

Those are just some of the exclusive we got. can you let me know what the budget on these games were, becuase clearly you know that they were low budget /S

mkay thanks

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LuckyChamCham2897d ago

WOOOOO!!! Gravity Rush 2!!! :D

ONESHOTV22897d ago

it's good that you are hyped for the game but i can't support this type of practice that sony is doing gravity rush was something special to us vita owners and sony took one of the reason to even own a vita from us that's not cool if they want my support give me gravity rush on the go i dont care about playing a game like this on a home console becuase it doesnt feel special any more at least to me, they might as well take all the vita games and port them over to becuase we all know they dont care about us but it's alright i'm sure sony knows not to bite the hand that feeds them right ?

cemelc2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Dude that game is not going to sell well, and youre boycotting this?

Then we have no gravity rush 3 and youll be like all the persons crying about no sequel (like shenmue 3 for 10 years).... And believe me i know all about that.

Boycott call of duty, battlefront, or any of the big games, not the little ones

DarkZane2897d ago

There is a reason why they changed gravity rush franchise from vita to ps4: The Vita is a failure and almost no one gave a damn about it.

jukins2897d ago

Lol WOW how long was it on the vita before on ps4 get over yourself. Obviously you've had the vita for awhile and one title is not taking anything away. Hate to see this but it's obvious you're some jaded young gamer and you should grow up. The game still exists on vita I mean what's the difference whether someone plays the game on vita ps tv or ps4? Just don't get it