The Adventure Pals PC preview - A really good and fun action/RPG adventure game - TGG

Less than one week ago Massive Monster contacted us and asked me (Robin Ek, TGG) if I wanted to check out the demo for their upcoming action/adventure/RPG platformer "The Adventure Pals". So I did. And I had a blast with the game as "The Adventure Pals" is like a mix of "Zelda 2", "Adventure Time", Castle Crashers" and "Banjo Kozooie".

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Simon_the_sorcerer1502d ago

I really like the sound of "a mix of "Zelda 2", "Adventure Time", Castle Crashers" and "Banjo Kozooie" :3

TGG_overlord1502d ago

"The Adventure Pals" is the dope man, it´s like like pure digital acid for your mind xD

TGG_overlord1501d ago

You should try the demo ;)