Motorstorm Q&A; lacking Home support, long jump trophies and lava

From PS3 Attitude, DolphGB writes: "Nigel Kershaw, Game Director at Evolution Studios, spared us some of his valuable time, giving us more details of what to expect from their new baby. Be prepared for water, lava and... Special Brew?"

"[PS3A] We remember the furore around split-screen multiplayer in Motorstorm. What new offline and online multiplayer modes feature this time around, and did bringing split-screen modes compromise the graphics in any way?

[NK] With the technology we had developed for the first MotorStorm split-screen was impossible. When we started Pacific Rift we decided that it had to be a key feature of the game, so we went back to the drawing board and completely re-wrote our rendering technology. In terms of graphical compromise it has not affected the single player or the two player split-screen. We are still working on polishing the four player split-screen, so I cant say whether the tracks will be perfect replicas of the single player ones, but we are aiming to make all modes as fun and enthralling as they can be..."

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Wildarmsjecht4327d ago

[PS3A] What Trophies can we expect, and will the title be Home-compatible? Are these 'day-one' launch features, or will the game require a future patch?

[NK] Trophies are in day 1 with the usual crop of 'finish the game' and 'progression through the game' awards, but there are also some surprises in here that will really have you hunting out the places to make that perfect long jump, finding a driver to knock over etc. Home support will be along later, but rest assured we have some awesome trophies to really integrate into the game.

Hah, Looking forward to knocking people like Sonarus out on their a$$. Yes, I'm calling you out!

DavidMacDougall4327d ago

Id rather have them make the game than some f*cking room in Home im never going to use

DolphGB4327d ago

It's not about having a 'room' in Home, although a lot of people will enjoy that anyway... Home Compatibility is about being able to launch a multi-player game direct from Home.

And what Nigel said is compatibility with this feature of Home isn't going to be in the original shipment - I don't know for sure but I expect it will follow in a patch around Christmas-time or early 2009.

kapedkrusader4327d ago

...I feel this is essential. Home integration is just as or more important than trophy support, anyone that's tried Home would surely agree. Sony should make them both mandatory.

supremacy4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )


i like the sound of that, but i would also have liked it even more if he replied saying oh and in-game music support as well.

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thor4327d ago

Even sony's 1st party games are not supporting home at release. Looks like there will indeed be _very_ few titles supporting home when home finally hits in open beta form at the end of the year.

GametimeUK4327d ago

More DLC content than disc content... What a rip off

HighDefinition4327d ago

I`m fairly sure it has 16 tracks (double the 1st one) and 16 players online and more vehicles.

I`m pretty sure I heard that somewhere.

DolphGB4327d ago

MS did have a lot of DLC, but you're forgetting much of it was free - especially to begin with. I see no problems with publishers giving out DLC across a whole year after release, including stuff you have to pay for.

After all, look what it's done for Burnout Paradise.

deathray4326d ago

I call that good product support. Guess your glass is perpetually half empty, isn't it?

supremacy4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

its like they sole you the game in two half's you know 60 for the retail disc and more $$ for the other half.

they also done this with tekken dark resurrection, one with the game, and than the other with online that ill cost you about 9.99. that right there is an update they are charging you for not some DLC which is sad.

but at least i know tekken 6 will fix this.

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badz1494327d ago

now the crash is with fire! nice but I think I'll miss that 'free roam' crash camera in the 1st one! anyway, day 1 for me!

typikal824327d ago

Man is that title misleading but I cant wait, especially for next week

LeonSKennedy4Life4327d ago

Yeah, it is!

I makes it look like their is no support for trophies and we won't see lava.

DolphGB4327d ago

I realised about 30 minutes after it was approved...

Should have used 'slashes' or something to seperate the bullet points more! :-)

You forgive me though, right?

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