Cosplay: The Cutest Bunny D.Va Vs The Most Horrifying Dr William Birkin

As the cutest female character in Overwatch, D.Va has been cosplayed by several cosers. But most of the time you can only see D.Va cosplays that feature the default hero skin. So maybe you get tired of it? Here is the latest bunny D.Va cosplay:

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JCW20052301d ago

its crazy grown people put so much effort into cosplaying tbh, idk. it looks nice but that time coulve been use for something more productive imo.

INB4 a wave of hate comments

notachance2301d ago

it's kinda ironic you said that in a GAMING site

JCW20052301d ago

how is it ironic? so people that like to game but don't like cosplay cant exist?

MyDietEqualsGames2301d ago

You mean in before logic? You are essentially wasting time to someone else as well. Guy below has a point. It's cosplay based on Resident Evil 2's William Birkin character. Resident Evil 2 is a game. This is a aggregate gaming news site.

Some people really need to look before they leap...

Hoffmann2301d ago

See cosplay as art and hobby.

Both don't have to be productive.

medman2300d ago

The "hate" comments arise because you obviously don't know what it means or feels like to be passionate about anything. These people love gaming, and have enough talent to produce something that makes others who also love gaming smile. You? You're just a sad individual, looking to diminish others to make yourself feel better. I would say you've wasted more time coming to an article on cosplay when you obviously don't appreciate it, than any of these people who spend time on something they do enjoy.

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DevilOgreFish2301d ago

they're just doing what they love to do. ain't nothing wrong with that.

its_JEFF2301d ago

It's gonna seem like I was studying the images WAY to closely (LOL) but is that some kind of triangle pattern on her leggins, right by her crotch? Like WTF is that suppose to be?! hahaha

level 3602301d ago

It's a bit of a creative take/homage to the character, meeting people/giving fun to a few kids and adults in conventions, getting social media time.. maybe even become popular and get discovered in films.. really don't see anything wrong in that.