TalkXbox Review: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

From the review: "What's also evident is the fact that Mercs 2 is a last generation game, ported up. The draw distance for objects and cars is laughably close, and the problem intensifies during co-op play. Textures are pixilated and muddy looking, and the presentation as a whole from the terrible voice acting to wonky physics system, isn't exactly top-notch. This is by no means an impressive game to watch somebody else play. On top of all that, the game has a terrible first impression. The very first few hours of the game (the ones that did not consist of bringing down the sun's fury onto this earth) I hated the game, and I imagine many other people had similar feelings.

The plus side of these faults is that they never hinder your fun with the game. There aren't any crash bugs or glitches that force you to restart missions from the beginning again, the game is very forgiving and is just plain fun. Although most games would be crucified for getting so many simple things wrong, what World in Flames does right, it does well. The arcade style shooting mixed in with the Hollywood blockbuster epicness delivers one of the more satisfying action games in recent years. If you're a skeptic you should at least give Mercenaries 2 a shot. There's plenty of content in here to implant a smile on your face and keep it there for a long time."

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