Bethesda May Work on Rage and The Evil Within Sequels Next

Bethesda Vice-President Pete Hines has spoken about the possibility of sequels for Rage and The Evil Within along with 2 big projects like Fallout & Skyrim.

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Perjoss888d ago

Apart from the poor ending, I thought Rage was great. I really hope they do a sequel.

FreddyFazbear888d ago

Please do Evil within first. There are so many FPS in the market. We need more horror games. Resi 7 is still a ways to go.

TedCruzsTaint888d ago

Evil Within was great. Was put off by negative press and ended up, finally, buying it and some DLC off Steam for peanuts. Definitely a fine title in my eyes.
Bring on the sequel.

Concertoine888d ago

Maybe not hate but a lot accused it of being mediocre with misleading advertising. Which i can see - because the game advertised itself as a return to survival horror but ended up more like a return to Resi 4

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