XboxOZ360 Listed on Annual Bloggers Choice Awards

Recently we were asked if we would like to enter the Blogger's Choice Awards for 2008. So placed the site in 4 categories which you will find below.

However, to give you an idea of how we got here, we'd like to take a few minutes of your time to just tell you a little about us, and how we got to being asked to enter. Remembering, that without your support and constant readership, we would not be getting the excellent views we now enjoy.

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gaminoz4320d ago

Any Xbox site that gives a fair review of a big PS3 title (MGS4) and has more than the run of the mill news rehash is worth voting for imo.

Hunter864320d ago

I voted for em in the hobby catagory.

Godem4320d ago

cool, i voted for you in the best design category, although it could be a little less 'cramped'. Perhaps if you could make the site a little wider? like what gamespot have recently done. But i dont know if this is possible for you.

Enjoy the vote.

Acj23234320d ago

Yeah i would agree, it can be wider, due to the fact even on the standard 1024x768 it has room for expansion, so something like that in the future would be great, i voted for best entitlement blog,as i find it a good source to get up-to date info not just on Microsoft entertainment but other corps as well.

Immortal Kaim4320d ago

You guys are my favourite Aussie blog, you get my vote

XboxOZ3604320d ago

Thanks guys, we are changing the theme slightly, with a wider right hand column and "slightly wider middle and less padding from the edges which will give us more room for content, adverts, comp and game announcements.

All we try to do is the best we can, given that we all volunteer and no one is paid - yet!.We might be looking at getting readers to contribute reviews later on, depending on responses and have a few dedicated game sites (ie Forza, Gears, Fable etc) in the pipline.

So thanks for the feedback, we always listen to what readers have to say.

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