Intel ready to announce six-core chip

Cnet writes: "Intel is expected to announce the "Dunnington" processor later this month, the first six-core processor and last of its Penryn-class chips.

Intel on September 15 is expected to roll out the Intel Xeon 7400 series Dunnington processor targeted at the server market, the final member of the "Penryn" family of processors, according to sources at server vendors. Penryn will be followed by the Nehalem microarchitecture, due to appear initially as the Core i7 processor in the fourth quarter.

Server vendors announcing products will include Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell, according to Intel senior vice presiden Pat Gelsinger, speaking at the Intel Developer Forum last month. Other server makers such as IBM and Unisys are also expected to have systems."

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Proves how primitive the 360 really is.

Si-Pie4323d ago

Ok now what has this article got to do with the 360????? 360 uses IBM chip not intel! and also the Cell has 1 CORE and 8 SPEs. SPEs different to cores! Not saying the cell isnt good because its great just stating the facts! Not that im that bothered its just your comment made no sense being its on about a 6 core INTEL CPU and not the 360 CPU.

REPLOID244323d ago

if there are few apps that can take advantage of the quads, according to the article before this?

Gorgon4323d ago

"Dunnington processor targeted at the server market"

That answers your question.

jerethdagryphon4323d ago

cells spe are classed as cores in strictest terms only they work far differently.
and i belive he weas revering to ibms tri core design being so quickly superceeded by at 6 core design

but yes an irelevent post

Si-Pie4323d ago

Yeah I clicked agree to you as I get what your saying but I was talking in the classic sense it only has 1 PPE core and 8 spes. Suppose its how you look at it. I for example couldnt say the 360 has 3 SPEs as it has none but has 3 identical cores where the PS3 has 1 Power PC Core and the 8 SPEs but as I said and you said SPEs are different to classic general cores but suppose Im only nit picking lol!

Serg4323d ago

Intel said they would have a 32core CPU out in '09, was on wikipedia few years back but suddenly disappeared.. or I can't find it anymore.