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Upon my humble beginnings into No Man’s Sky, the latest and innovative title from UK indie developer Hello Games, I was immediately overcome by a sense of wonder and concern. My very basic and generic-looking ship was crash landed on a planet whose name I couldn’t pronounce in a solar system whose name I could only dream of pronouncing and there was a bunch of hardware and mechanical pieces of technology scattered about. The atmosphere of the planet I was intruding upon was rather gorgeous, making excellent use of a wide and interesting color palette in various shades and hues. It is a unique art style that is showcased on the game’s box art—call me biased, but I am a sucker for Tiffany blue—and it’s certainly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

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Servbot412305d ago

The problem is that just about everyone's first impression will be "holy hell this is awesome!" And then, either once you leave your home planet or system, you realize everything you were doing on the very first planet is basically all you'll do for the rest of your time playing. At the end of the day it's just another resource grinding game.