Gamer 2.0 Preview: Pure

Gamer 2.0 writes: "After making quite a statement at E3 '08, Disney Interactive Studios and Black Rock Studio have released a demo of their latest racing effort, Pure. Black Rock, formerly known as Climax Racing, comes from a history with the ATV Offroad Fury and Moto GP series, so they know what they are doing. But after going through the short demo, there is just enough there to show that Pure might be worth a once-through.

Loading up the demo, you won't be wasting any time with menus or the like. Pure puts you right into the boots of a t-shirted, rookie-looking racing atop an ATV. You're pitted with simple tasks: complete a lap, boosted jump, trick, boost, and a timed-lap. Immediately, you'll notice a nice-looking environment. At first, the shine seems to be covering up detailing, but once you get going, it really looks pretty good."

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