'No Man's Sky' Crashing: Random Bugs And Pre-Order Ship Error Causing Launch Issues

Some No Man’s Sky players are experiencing major system crashes on launch day.

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Nitrowolf22906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

I've been playing the last tword days almost fine, though I had a friend tell me his crashed when he got his copy today. Pro tip don't throw it in standbye mode with the game running, I notice it always errors for me when I do this and leave it there for a long peeiod

Nitrowolf22906d ago


So I have had least 1 crash during gameplay, but FYI to everyone.

Obviously back-uo your save as much as you can, but I noticed, everytime I put this my console into standbye and X amount of time goes by, if this game was running it'll crash the moment you hit select on it on the ps4 menu.

GrubsterBeater2906d ago

Mine crashed about 4 hours in at a monolith. Hasn't happened since, but thankfully my game reloaded like 10 seconds before the monolith so everything was all good.

Nothing has happened since that though. I have experienced no other bugs, issues, or problems at all besides that. I have been playing for about 9 to 10 hours total so far.

Alexander1Nevermind2906d ago

Mine crashed (froze) as well at some unknown planet. Luckily I had saved the game right before. I had been playing at least 3-4 hrs. No issues since.

MasterCornholio2906d ago

Hopefully these problems will get fixed.

cash_longfellow2905d ago

One crash right after a save (which I think might be the issue, walking too fast right when it's saving, either that or the server connect/disconnect issues because of heavy traffic yesterday). But, I am forced to start a new game because I grabbed the preorder ship before I finished the tutorial and now I can't make a warp drive. However, it's not a huge deal because the game is fantastic anyway!


No Man’s Sky’s 5.0 update has finally convinced me to explore its universe

When No Man’s Sky first launched all the way back in 2016, its main selling point was limitless exploration, across an impossibly vast procedurally generated world.

In theory, the universe was built for players to comb through meticulously, logging discoveries and charting the unknown while being gently directed by an overarching, albeit fairly slight main plot. In practice however, planet diversity was limited, with very little reason to hop from planet to planet.

Besides brief trips to farm resources that rarely warranted further interaction, I never quite engaged with what was, at the time, the game’s primary hook.

Since then, though, a frankly dizzying number of updates have added everything from base building to fleet management and farming

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anast9h ago

Nice advert piece, but they still haven't fixed the exploration part of the game, and the loading screens are still there.

tracedinblood9h ago

Are you confusing this with Starfield?

Elit3Nick8h ago

I'm pretty sure he is, which is hilarious and on point for an anast comment

anast8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Yes, I was making two posts at once about Starfield and No man's sky and I typed this in the wrong box and hit reply without thinking. Low hanging fruit but enjoy it while you can.

"I'm pretty sure he is, which is hilarious and on point for an anast comment."

Prove it.

Abear213h ago

Installed this again, those upgraded water physics got me


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No Man's sky World's Part 1 update has seen huge success in the Steam Deck community, with the game now in the top 5 most played chart.


After So Many Updates, 2024 Is The Best Year No Man's Sky Has Ever Had

TNS: “No Man's Sky is definitely worth playing in 2024, thanks to its countless free updates and its recent planet revamp.”

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anast9h ago

Starfield failing and the updates increased this game's popularity quiet a bit. And somehow they managed to do this during the worst inflation in the history of the world.