Forza Horizon 3 Is Mind-Blowing in 4K - IGN


"I looked for a specific moment where the dust had finally stuck to my car, too - like how a crash used to automatically result in the same scratches and dents in older racing games - expecting to see predictable patterns emerging on the trunk as it accumulated that red dirt. I couldn’t spot that moment, nor could I spot when it all came off. It was gradual, and subtle, and in that, Forza Horizon 3 - running in 4K on PC - somehow managed to make even dust seem impossibly beautiful."

Filmicfps2899d ago

Forza Horizon on Scorpio would look absolutely awesome! I hope FH3 gets re-released on Scorprio!

UltimateMaster2899d ago

It's probably going to be Forza Horizon 4.
I'm guessing it will get an update for FH3 for 4k support when Scorpio launches.

343_Guilty_Spark2898d ago

Game is already mastered in 4k. My guess is you pop in the Xbox One game in the Scorpio, it downloads some updates, and it plays in glorious 4k/60fps. It will be a forward compatible title. If you decide to play on the regular Xbox One it will just play at 1080p/30.

christocolus2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay in 4K Youtube link https://www.youtube.com/wat...

darthv722898d ago

Just switching the video from 720 to 1080 to 2160 while paused I can see a difference. I know that isnt the best way to tell but it looks pretty sweet at 1440 and 2160. If there was an option to have it run at 60fps for 1080p and 30 for 4k would be nice.

GameNameFame2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I dont get why all the comments make it seem as Scorpio is needed for 4K.

All you need is PC. You dont even need Xbox...

And whats up with all these Xbox fans who said that once it is above 720P, "your eye cannot naturally distinguish more pixels" Even Halo flagship title dips below 720P with dynamic res with average of ~900P.

At 720P, you are looking at X 2.25 more resolution. Which fans claimed that due to "diminishing return" increase in pixels are not noticeable.

Now suddenly, there is no "diminishing return". Or did it gain opposite meaning now?

Death2898d ago


You aren't seeing a difference between 720p upscaled to 1080p. 1080p is 1080p, how it gets there isn't something your eye cant see. 4k has pixels that are 4 times smaller than 1080p pixels. You are right, your eye won't see the extra pixels or at least be able to distinguish them. That's the point of 4k, its much smoother and realistic. With the right equipment the colors are truly extraordinary.

GameNameFame2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


"won't see the extra pixels or at least be able to distinguish them"

Uh yes. That is exactly the point.

" much smoother and realistic"

You are describing the effect of having better resolution or more pixels.

So you do see it. LOL

GameNameFame2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


Wow. That is next level misinformation. Upscaled 1080P is NOT the same as native 1080P.

Your TV already comes with upscaler. More expensive TV comes with better ones. So if I hook up my Xbox One TODAY to 4K TV, I get 4K Upscaled footage.

Are you now going to say that is somehow same as native 4K Scorpio will provide?? This only proves the point I made about double standards and misinformation people like you believe...

mozzie2898d ago

@343_guilty_spark people who bought it digitally will probably be able to download it with 4k textures right away. the same goes for gears 4 i presume.

ULTp0ltergeist2898d ago

No doubt all Microsoft exclusives will be forward compatible but can't say the same for major publishers, also I doubt they'll hit 4k/60fps ...Microsoft only claimed native 4k gaming.

Kingthrash3602898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Mind blowing on pc...get used to this. Getting hype for a things your game won't have. What's crazy is its running 21k upscaled to 4k....so not really 4k....it's 4k*

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Lennoxb632898d ago

It won't be a re-release. The same FH3 that will be playable on current X1s will be playable on the Scorpio. With some graphical and resolution enhancements.


Thank you....FINALLY someone who has been paying attention!

meche3342898d ago

re released? they just have to send out a patch

LexHazard792898d ago

Its suppose to work on the platform. No need for rerelease. Plus from what I understand dev can patch resolution update if need be.

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annoyedgamer2898d ago

I hope most major titles get a 4k update for the Scorpio...ahem Witcher 3.

Kleptic2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

How do people keep saying this?

The witcher 3...on a single GTX 1080...runs in 4k at a little under 50fps.

That card is around 50% more powerful than what Scorpio's gpu was announced to be...

One step at a time. I'd think most of us would be happy that the industry is FINALLY releasing console hardware that can FINALLY make 1080/60+ a minimum requirement...4k gaming is in its infancy still, and the scorpio isn't even as powerful as some equipment...today...let alone late next year...are game's just going to get less complex and easier to run over the next 18 months? As that is the only chance of any of this equipment, the 1080 included, hitting 4k across most games...

Scorpio, and neo for that matter, could potentially do 4k on some things...but it'll be the same annoying compromise of 'almost' 4k, then upscaled, with a framerate that is deemed 'acceptable' even though it dips into the teens...I really really hope this isn't what people are hoping to get out of the new consoles...

BossBattle2898d ago

Doesn't matter. GPUs on PCs are not as optimized as consoles. Consoles are "pound per pound" more powerful than PC because PCS have to process so much more like heavy operating systems, etc. Consoles are designed specifically for games whereas PCs are designed for nothing specific. A system coded to the metal like the Scorpio can outdo PCs way more expensive. Plus the gpu and cpu on consoles are on 1 chip for faster processing. So talking about GPU performance on PCs can't be compared to consoles.

Kapella2898d ago

Yuuup, 2x1080s here. Im at about 70 maxed on ultra. People really dont understand what it takes some of these games to run well in 4k. Granted thats on ultra but still.

LexHazard792898d ago

The thing is, they think Scorpio and automatically think every game is gonna be 4K. When MS already said devs are to use Scorpio power as they wish. I bet we see games like Forza hit 4K/60fps on Scorpio, and more demanding games at 2K-1080p/60fps.
And I dont know about the VR games

Vegamyster2898d ago


I heard the exact same argument before the Witcher 3 came out and i said a 750 Ti + any half decent CPU would keep pace with the consoles and would continue to do so for the following years, sure enough DF's videos prove this. Consoles are using the exact same X86 architecture that PC uses, it's simply not true to say these current consoles outperform significantly more expensive PC's based on all the benchmarks done.

rainslacker2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

From what I've seen since Scorpio and to a lesser extent, X1S, was announced, is just how uninformed so many people are on the status of 4K, what all the terms mean, and as always(which I already knew) the concepts of game development and how that relates to performance or resolution.

No matter what the resolution is, what the frame rate is, there are always compromises. If it's not in resolution or frame rate, its on textures. If it's not on textures, it's on field of view or draw distance. And the list goes on and on.


While the system overhead has some part to play, the key factor is more the level at which the programmers can write to which cause consoles to be able to perform more than a comparable PC GPU. That's still true today, but both DX12 and Vulkan are removing a lot of that from the equation, and the GPU isn't really handling OS tasks, and modern CPU's are more than capable of handling both an OS and a demanding game since most game code resides on the GPU nowadays.

Kleptic2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

@bossbattle...that argument is equally tired...

Scorpio and Xbox One are DX12 devices......Those Witcher 3 benches are done on cpu's that cost more than a Ps4 and xbo combined, and could single handedly process more than a farm of them...it could crunch through DX11.x with brute force that api overhead is irrelevant...yes, a 1080 may do a bit better at 4k with said hardware if W3 was DX12 or Vulkan (or more specifically; get similar results from lesser hardware), but that is undermining the main misconception many consoler's continue to latch on to...

Scorpio is just going to be another DX12 device...within a bigger platform that has hardware like the 1080, and whatever comes out over the next 18 months...NOTHING is exclusive to Scorpio, DX12 is DX12 regardless of it being a console, a PC, etc...All that 'to the metal' stuff you're talking about was a factor until both consoles used off the shelf low end PC parts AND things like mantle/vulkan and DX12 came into the picture...things are very different now; everything that plays games has the option for low level api utilization...so therefor any game that comes out on it is just another dx12 game making sure to scale to the scorpio's cpu/gpu config...

so the unanswered question remains:...why will a DX12 scorpio be better at 4k than DX12 PC's with more powerful hardware? You're getting an extremely powerful console, but people aren't admitting the compromise...it's just going to be a PC that you can't upgrade, and locks out the rest of 'pc'...Everyone keeps sitting around chest bumping about how powerful it is, while ignoring all the arguments used to criticize PC as a platform at the same time...it's alarming, overall...

2898d ago
Kleptic2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

^^^^see how deep and widespread the infection really is????

Do you know how these posted tests work? Averages around 48, mins in the 30's. You'd be happy with 30fps averages, with dips into....unplayable? That is exactly the mindset i'm talking about... Scorpio would absolutely rip the witcher 3 apart at 1080...tear it wide open...max PC settings (not some medium/low parameter that current consoles get on every multiplat, but wasn't a problem since 2013, yet now is a topic again...?) with MIN frames above 60...current consoles can't even dream of that...

yet we're debating about it running at 4k with the slight possibility of roughly 30fps averages...and dips into half that...and that's cool with you guys? If so, this industry is getting nowhere...

stop worrying about 4k, it's for screen shots... Current consoles can't do unanimous native 1080/60...the updated consoles can, and will...but everyone is talking about 4k like it's Full HD @ 2006 all over again...

and please stop it with the console optimization...that was addressed earlier...keep up...Don't misunderstand what i'm saying...modern 1080/60 fps gaming takes an animal, and the scorpio will be one...but modern 4k takes an animal, and then a second animal...with unpredictable witchcraft on top of it...keep expectations in line...

Ysmir67232898d ago

Scorpio is AMD tflops and has a very weak cpu compared to mid or high end pcs,so its not 50% less powerful,but much much slower,and by when it comes out,even slower..My 1080 at 2063mhz,at wither 3,has about 60 avg at 4k/ultra and sli it goes up to about 95-100.

Nathan_Hale532898d ago


Consoles also have to process their OS's. You are really giving to much credit for the optimizations. It isn't like Nvidia or Radeon never optimize games or anything right? Typically, by the end of the GPU's cycle, the optimizations can give upwards 25% boost from release drivers.

Remember when the 750ti came out that it out performed the PS4 and Xbox One? That card is technically as powerful as the PS4, yet it played most games better. I can guarantee you that my setup now i5 3570k with a GTX 1070, and 16gbs of 1866 DDR3 ram, will out power and perform the Scorpio next year.

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KiwiViper852898d ago

Id say witcher 3, if patched, would easily hit 1080p/60. And I'm absolutely ok with that bump