FH3 Dev: When You See HDR, You Can't Unsee It; The Game Is The Most Connected We've Ever Made

Creative Director Steve Fulton says that Forza Horizon 3 looks much better with HDR. He also described it as the most connected ever made by the studio.

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ccgr2899d ago

Looks amazing, can't wait to try it!

Alexious2899d ago

Imagine in HDR mode. Now I'm pissed at getting a 4K display without HDR

zombiewombie2899d ago

I did the same, oh well. I still like my TV.

2899d ago
NatureOfLogic_2898d ago

My 4k tv doesn't have HDR but it does have Wide color gamut. I'm not really sure what's the difference between the two.

indysurfn2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Man I played a PS3 game only 1080p the opening scenes looked so good on my HDR tv that I was cringing at seeing the game play. No need it was upscalled to look very good just 4k not hdr so you still have a good experience I'm sure.

But as for HDR I now WAIT for movies to come out on HDR instead of seeing them in theater I much more prefer the HDR blue ray tv experience. I cant copy the pop corn yet but I'm on it.

Anyone got HDR I say get MADMAX I usually get used to better graphics but not yet! I bought that movie back in MAY!

I'm waiting for someone to do a comparison between the xbox one s HDR and the Samsung player HDR if it is a
toss up I'm selling my expensive hdr player before people catch on(It can happen look at PS3 compared to blu ray players last gen)

medman2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Don't be too mad...a lot of people don't realize that many 4k HDR capable sets suffer considerable lag in cinema/movie mode, which is the mode you have to be in to get the HDR benefits.


If you're a single player gamer primarily, or don't play many fps type titles, the lag in this mode may not bother you depending on how significant it is for your particular set. The lag induced on my 4k HDR set doesn't bother me, if fact it's not noticeable at all to me, and it's not nearly as bad as some on this list, and being a primarily single player gamer, I can't complain.

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freshslicepizza2899d ago

with all this hdr talk i feel like i'm missing out

2899d ago
mark_parch2898d ago

im going to wait for some comparisons before getting a hdr tv as they are very expensive compared to a normal 4k tv

Alexious2898d ago

Next year HDR TVs will be sold at decent prices. We just need to wait a little

indysurfn2898d ago

mark_parch they have been doing that for a few YEARS now try CNET, TOMs hardware, tech guru. And most importantly try AVSforums.com they have articles and users that compare owning them with real life video sources.

indysurfn2898d ago

Alexious I thought the same thing a couple of years ago. But our good old buys in congress decided that red tape was keeping us from competing we need to allow companies to have a MINIMUM price guaranteed (which MRP) dont get the MRP maximum mixed up with the MRP minimum. This is only used for high end tv's tough.

Long story short big companies can (AND DO) change the price of a exact item at every store in the USA up or down, and the retailers can't do anything about it! Take my tv I paid 3,499.99 (bestbuy because I had 45 days to return it) before taxes and warranty in May 2015 you could only find it for 2 dollars (not a typo) cheaper on ebay. come Holiday season they drop to 2999.99 three weeks before black Friday(EVERYWHERE). A few days before black Friday it jumps back up to 3499.99(EVERYWHERE) when I say that I mean it may be a 2 dollar difference at one or two stores online. Then after Christmas it jumps up to 3799.99 everywhere and stays there because of MRP. Low and medium and they dont do that on, but the high end they do.

MatrixxGT2898d ago

I'm going to wait and see for myself first.

rainslacker2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

It's pretty impressive to say the least. But honestly, there is so little HDR content out right now, you aren't missing out on much. Jump in when you feel it's time, the content that does exist now will still be out there, along with a ton more stuff to make it a more worthwhile purchase.


That's a contracted price established by the vendor with the stores to prevent them from undercutting one another, and in theory, control the perceived value of their products. Bose does the same thing.

However, since there is competition, the companies that do that will have to lower their prices to compete, otherwise, the stores won't buy the TV's from the vendor, and they will see nothing. Competition is ramping up, and this holiday is when UHD players will start to come down to a more reasonable price, with plenty of decently priced HDR 4K TV's already on the market from various TV makers. For the most part, outside the budget brands, they're all roughly the same because they all compete against one another, and they all cost roughly the same to make between manufacturers.

freshslicepizza2898d ago


i might upgrade my tv next year some time. not in a big hurry right now but what i want to do is build a new pc first. i was thinking of getting a nice hdtv to hook it up to but computer monitors are much better but so pricey.

rainslacker2897d ago

I was going to wait it out on 4K, and it was because I was content with my TV. I wasn't even really that versed on 4K at all, and it's not like the TV makers or companies marketing 4K are making it easy to understand for the person just shopping around in the store. I ended up getting one because a store here was going out of business, and I got a nice Samsung 55" 4K HDR TV(current model too) for $550, and figured it wouldn't be any cheaper a year from now, so what the heck. Just happy it has the HDR standard, otherwise I'd be stuck having to replace it like my receiver which isn't HDR compatible, even though I brought it because it was supposed to be 4K compatible.:(

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christocolus2899d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Nice. FH2 already looks so good and FH3 looks so much better. Can't wait to try it out. I'll most likely get Scorpio next year so I hope we get a patch for the game when Scorpio arrives. I wonder how it'll look on scorpio


Scorpio is out? Who said that? Anyways I'd love to see FH3 with upgraded visuals on scorpio. PG has done a terrific job with Xbox One hardware and I'd like to see what they can do with scorpio.

LexHazard792899d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Lol...wait the Scorpio is out?

Edit:@game, I'm a console gamer. I'll wait for Scorpio

GameNameFame2898d ago

If you really cant wait, just get it on PC.

It is not like you even need the xbox to play the game.

LexHazard792898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Hey crappy attempt at being funny on my part Chris. But you did change your comment. Which made seem as tho Scorpio was already out. I know it releases nxt yr. I was just messing.

Edit: me too, I know it will look amazing on the Scorpio. That vid you linked yesterday was great. I want those same visuals on my Xbox console.

christocolus2897d ago

No worries bro,I got that. I'll always post new vids as soon as i find them. I'm already saving up for Scorpio. I hope MS does a proper reveal of the console late this year or sometime early next year. I want to know more.


Stop your concern trolling. You keep telling everyone to run out to buy a PC but has it ever occured to you that not everyone is into PC gaming? For xbox fans who love console gaming and want the best specs there will be Scorpio launching next year. ok?

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OldGuyStillGaming2899d ago

Well here's already one thing I won't get out of my launch X1

Eventually I'll upgrade but I'll enjoy the non HDR version for now

KiwiViper852898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Ye theres no holding back technology. Its the same with any device, day after launch it's already outdated...

ElusiveAura2899d ago

We can't use hdr in game mode so if we use HDR then we will have horrendous input lag

2898d ago
Alexious2898d ago

It depends on the TV, I guess...

DragonDDark2898d ago

I just use my pc moniter lol

DragonDDark2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Edit: double post

LexHazard792898d ago

@dragond, does your monitor have hdr? I also use a monitor, but its been hard finding one with HDR.

indysurfn2898d ago

not if you get a high end HDR.