Identifying the copies of Crackdown that include Halo 3 beta codes

If you have any interest in Halo 3, you're probably aware that one way of bagging yourself a beta code to participate in the game's testing this spring is to buy a specifically marked copy of Crackdown, but, and here's the thing, what mark are you looking for exactly?

Well, usefully, Microsoft has released a packshot that features the more-than-a-little-obvious beta mark so you now know exactly what you're aiming for.

The winning packshot, which can be seen below, features an obvious marker on the bottom right that clearly states "Includes invitation to Halo 3 multiplayer beta", so if you're buying Crackdown specifically for Halo 3, do not buy a copy lacking this symbol.

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eclipsegryph5438d ago

So is the game really so bad that they need to promote it with Halo 3 swag?

Syko5438d ago

It is a MS Game Studios game as is Halo 3 therefore it makes the most sense to sell this game get players both hooked on and talking about Halo 3, Hence selling more of both games in the process. Ouch good marketing hurts my brain!

FreeMonk5438d ago

Well, apparently, this game isn't that bad.

If it's at least playable with average graphics (don't expect GOW graphics me thinks), it'd be worth the purchase if your a Halo fan.

I'm just hoping the same offer happens in the UK and over Europe. I already have my copy reserved, but if I walk into my local GAME and a key for the Halo 3 Beta isn't included, I won't buy it!

Konami did it for MGS2 with Zone Of Enders 2.

BrotherSic5438d ago

The offer is in the UK as you can preorder the game with code from

I wouldnt underestimate this game either, graphically solid and online coop. There is a demo on Live available on the 18th i think and they said it will include coop.

Ravenator5295438d ago

I have been told by numerous Gamestop and EB games store in my local area that if you reserve a copy of Crackdown as of right now, you are garunteed a Halo 3 beta copy!

At least that is what they are claiming! I won't be suprised if I didn't get one though!

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The story is too old to be commented.