Cannon Brawl Review | Xbox One UK

Cannon Brawl melds the tactical warfare and destructible terrain of Worms with the twitch reactions required of a Call of Duty style shooter.  There's lots to see and do and Cannon Brawl is certainly a fun action game - especially in multiplayer - but it struggles to deliver on its promise of an engaging battle of wits. Originally a PC title released in 2013, Cannon Brawl is a 2D real-time strategy game that pits players against AI and human opponents, both local and online.  You command your base from a mobile airship that you move around the map, building offensive and defensive units to destroy your opponent's castle while protecting your own. There's a familiar feel - but rather than commanding soldiers, you have direct control over the weapons you deploy Each time you use a weapon or defensive ability, it has a cool down of a couple of seconds.  This forces you to diversify your strategy, deploying a range of attacking and defensive units to ensure success. The more intense the

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