New Crackdown screenshots

Here's 31 new screenshots to show you why the game is more than just a ticket to Halo 3.

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Gears5231d ago

Love the explosions. Why does the 360 have better smoek effects like in Lost Planet? I thought the cell was supposed to better at that.

Funky Town_TX5231d ago

I love the explosions. I will get this game on release day. Looks better than GTA and SR to me.

mishmosh5231d ago

These graphics do not look any better than PDZ...certainly a far cry from next gen.

MySwordIsHeavenly5230d ago

Wait till the game comes out...because these screenshots make it look like a DS game. Honestly, they SUCK! The Cell IS better at smoke-effects. Look at Unreal 07'. The newest gameplay video is running on a PS3... The smoke effects are unmatched. (unreal engine)

BoneMagnus5230d ago

Besides, GTAIII didn't have the greatest graphics and look how it did both critically and commercially.

Bottom line - the game looks fun and it seems to add to the genre. A must own for me provided the demo plays well - that will be the deciding factor.