Xbox 360 Hard Drive Gets A Price Cut Too

Kotaku writes: "Now that the Xbox 360 line-up has been giving a serious price gutting in the US of A, the cuts continue, with the 120GB hard drive seeing a $30 reduction. Previously at $179, it would have been an even harder prospective purchase for anyone picking up a $199 Xbox 360 Arcade. The hard drive add on is now slightly more reasonably* priced at $149 at both EBGames and Amazon."

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Silogon4318d ago

hahha, not it's not. I just got a 320 for my ps3 for under 100 bucks. 1+1 doesn't = 2 in this equation.

morganfell4318d ago

I agree. That price isn't reasonable, it's a joke. I also purchased my 320 for less than $100.

And this is for jackwho below who asked me what I would say today. Well I say welcome to this evenings Amazon Bestseller update pal.

PS3 80GB Rank 6
Wii is Rank 9
360 20GB Rank 96

ThatCanadianGuy4318d ago

Do you have a link do where you got that 320GB HDD? My 40GB is almost full.Am going to need a bigger one for this fall lineup.

morganfell4318d ago

You can get HDDs here:

Plenty to choose from. I have bought from Memory Labs and New Egg - no issues.


for 10 bucks more check this page:

ThatCanadianGuy4318d ago

Ah,right on! thanks man.


juuken4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Exactly Silogon. Plus Microsoft forces you to use their harddrive. Sony, only the other hand allows you to use any harddrive you choose to use.

Thanks for the links morgan, because I need to change my harddrive. :3

AngryTypingGuy4318d ago

Agreed. The HDD price should be in line with other HDD's on the market, even though this is the only one you can buy for the 360. Still way too expensive.

Kleptic4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

^^^the problem is that it never will be...MS chose the 'stiff u' route by incorporating a proprietary drive into the 360's design...proprietary ALWAYS cost more...

look into the fine print on why exactly Sony is now stuffing 80gb drives into what used to be 40gb sku' wasn't only that that adds 'value'...but more because its now actually cheaper to manufacture a 80gb 2.5" sata drive than a 40gb...the more the drive companys produce...the cheaper they are...the deman for a 80gb drive is far higher than a 40gb, hence the reduction in price for that sized platter...

and that just touches on how well thought out the PS3 is hardware wise...and how poor the 360 is respectively...Sony stuffed in all kinds of standard stuff into the it bluetooth, standard sized drives, or 'future' electronics move forward, all the PS3's hardware will plummet in price...MS is stuck with manufacturers making proprietary stuff that will ONLY fit into the 360 (memory not included, but as XDR becomes more normal, it will at some point be cheaper to produce than old GDDR3, possibly at a point when the 360 is still a relevant console)...and that is not even considering the risk with Blu Ray...just last Feb. when BD became the HD standard, diode costs hit all time lows...production ramped up, and player sales sky rocketed...that is the PS3 in a nutshell...

I guarantee that the 720 will be loaded with all kinds of standard profile electronics...its pretty ironic over all...MS became the company that they are by allowing all kinds of non proprietary hardware to work with their software...Apple did the opposite, and got fecked...yet in the console business, MS wants nothing but control over every single little detail of their entrys in the industry...XBL, the hardware, and their insane pressure on independent studios developing a game published by them...

Had MS entered this market 8 years ago by treating consoles the way they treated home would be MS with 95% of the market share software wise...yet instead they do the opposite...and force things on consumers...will it pay off?...

hell 10 years from now...we could look back on this and apply the old PC adage to it...if you want a system that can play games/multimedia stuff purchase a device made by Sony...if you want to disappear up your own buy something made by MS...MS sits in the former seat in terms of home computers compared to Apple...yet in consoles...totally different game...

and back to the subject at hand...$150 for 120gb...that is nearly triple the 'acceptable' price of a drive dollar/gb...I would love to see MS spin that into anything related to value...

MS is fecking every single one of you 'gamers'...You have to understand why the best alternative for everyone is a 'sega' route...get out of hardware...and focus on software...they have the pot of cash to back developers on insanely awesome just sucks for everyone that they require you to purchase their garbage to enjoy it...

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jack who4318d ago

my paryers wooooooooooo

Stryfeno24318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

What did I say earlier....All MS has to do is drop the price on the HDD...Make the 20gb 40 bucks for the 199 arcade and you will see a huge sells increase.

Dyingduck4318d ago

Nothing is said about 20GB price cut...typical illiterate lemming

cmrbe4318d ago

and then its basically basically 399 without blu-ray, HDMI, wifi. Silogon is right. Only dumb consumers will buy an x360.

Stryfeno24318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Are you retarded?...I'm talking about the 20gd droid. They need to cut the ptice too. Why aren't you playing your PS3? I wonder which console really do have most of the flops. Probrably the one you own because if it didn't you would be playing your games instead of trolling 360 news.

morganfell4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Well turd patch you are the troll. Anyone that would pick a troll name has zero room to accuse anyone else. Not to mention the number of PS3 threads you have trolled you smelly little hypocrite.

I am traveling and my PS3s are at home so I am not playing. I guess your 360 is in the shop.

Stryfeno24318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I know what you mean...It's kind of hard to lug that 15 LBS paperweight around.

Too bad there is only 3 games via remote play...If only Sony could get things right, then you wouldn't have to break your back with that black thing that looks like a coffin.

morganfell4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I will take that post as you admitting to troll charges and being a smelly hypocrite.

First of all I have a whole library of PS1 games on my 60GB PS3 that packs a 320GB wallop. How does it feel to have such a small drive? Yeah, keep believing that size doesn't matter. Trust me, your girl was just being kind. And 3 games, ha. I was just playing Syphon Filter which I can play remotely OR DL to my PSP all for the same low price.

And remember that even 1 game is more games then the Zune plays remotely. The Zune. The joke of the MP3 world.

I have a host of PSP games with me AND my laptop. You see my 360, my 4th one, is sitting at the house with my Wii in the shadow of my much more powerful PS3.

Being a multiconsoler is great. Owning the world's greatest console - the PS3 - even better. Owning dirtbags like you and putting you on ignore - priceless. Goodby dirtbag, have a nice brief life.

Stryfeno24318d ago

It actually feels good to see someone was moved by my post. I'm glad you got so upset that you had to put me on ignored...LMAO. Im touched.

juuken4318d ago

Patchedturd, you were owned.
Now sit down and shut the hell up.

Stryfeno24317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

And how may I ask was I owned? Let me get this straight...When someone babbles, tries to defend his precious console, and then put me on ignore so he won't read my call that owning?

My dear, getting me banned would be owning...See, I was trying to be nice now, but you PS3 nutcases are always on attack mode.

juuken4317d ago


morgan owns a 360 and a PS3 smartass. He prefers the PS3, which is why he always comes up with intelligent arguments.

He's doing what you do on a daily basis-defend your console.

His preference is the PS3, yours is the 360.

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kspraydad4318d ago

$350 for a online ready machine and you still have to pay for access and no HD optical format...Seems pricey to me.

BTW 120GB 2.5 SATA drives are currently about $50

Buy a PS3 at SONYSTYLE with VISA offer for $250 ... upgrade drive to equivelent if you wish and you are still at $300 with wireless and HD Optical to boot (and free online).

ape0074318d ago

yes I comepletely agree with you

360 scratch disks,sometimes break them,and loud as hell

ps3 is quit,blu-ray disk doesn't get scratched outside or inside the system

the ps3 is like a system that came from future


White-Sharingan4318d ago

still too expensive in my opinion

but its a start

just go lower MS

and when are you going to cut the price of the wireless adapter? wtf, been waiting for a price cut since it was released

DavidMacDougall4318d ago

The way this stuff is just dropping its like a closing down sale

season0074318d ago

its not just in your opinion...

meepmoopmeep4318d ago

proprietary harddrives FTL!!!

Xwow20084318d ago

price cut is good for consumer
but MS is cutting the price too much for everything that means they are in trouble.
and they want to sell thier console as fast as they can to stop sony from reach them in sales/

aliveinboston4318d ago

I can get a 320GB drive for the PS3 for $85.

Yet Microsoft is charging $150 for 120GB.


GUNS N SWORDS4318d ago

who would need a 300 gb HDD for a ps3?

it has a blu ray player inside so you wouldn't need to use the space for movies.

unless i see an online game that needs 15 or 10 gbs i see no real reason to have that much space.

badz1494318d ago

it's not the matter of needing, but the fact that we CAN do it, makes people WANT to do it! I upgraded from 60GB to 160GB myself and I have a lot of demos, pictures, movies and music stored inside. still 90GB left and I'm seriously thinking of a bigger HDD as they are going cheaper now!

thereapersson4317d ago

That wireless adaptor is just way too expensive for a piece of electronic equpment that only allows you to connect to a wireless network. Hell, even routers are cheaper than the 360's adaptor. WTF!

It's the only thing holding me back from getting LIVE. I'm not spending a big amount of money for something that should have been included inside the console in the first place.

AAACE54317d ago

At the most the 120 HDD should cost $100. I don't really download movies or alot of the other stuff so the 20 Gig will be alright for now!

BabyStomper50004317d ago

I have 26 gb of music on my PS3. I *HAD* about 30 gbs of tv shows/music videos that I had to delete to make room for demos and game installs. It all depends on the person. Some people use more space than others. I for one know for a fact that I could fill up a 120 gb HDD in a day if I ever got one.

sumfood4u4317d ago

Seem like good things are happening to gammer this fall reguardless of what system you own. Well im happy i Beat Ratehct & Clank TOD 100% this morning. off the Subject but im Stoked Yo! Anyways Xbox seems to be moving in the right direction.

KingME4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

Does anyone else notice how 360 news is more important to PS3 owners than it is for 360 owners. These guys troll 360 threads more than they do their own. Unless you are planning on buying a 360, why do any of you PS3 guys care what the hell the price of the HD is?

Back on topic, I agree 149 is still too much. I'd rather spend 399.00 and get an elite than to buy an arcade and then buy the 120 drive. I guess, if a person is buying the elite, they aren't really trying to get a harddrive anyway.

Does anyone know if they are going to sell the 60 gig drive separately?

GUNS N SWORDS4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

"it's not the matter of needing, but the fact that we CAN do it, makes people WANT to do it! I upgraded from 60GB to 160GB myself and I have a lot of demos, pictures, movies and music stored inside. still 90GB left and I'm seriously thinking of a bigger HDD as they are going cheaper now!"

Yeah well.

i have two 256 gig HD drives in my PC, that is where i keep MY data, pictures,music,media ECT. i then bridge a connection to my 360 and then spool the data right from MY pc.

if i had a 360 with 200 gbs of space i would think twice before wasting it on stuff i already have on my PC, as for the console's HD drive i would ONLY use it for games, makes 1,000 percent sense to ME, since it is MY setup.

i can find many different ways to keep MY data backed up.

xhairs94317d ago

120gb for $100? I don't think so. PS3 120gb HDD = $60. See the problem?

Megatron084317d ago

and yet another 360 topic over run by loser ps3 fanboys. Like I said just show how scared they are of the 360 and its lead over the ps3.

At least 360 have the option of buying a new HHD for our system unlike the ps3 where you have to buy a whole new system to get a new hdd

aftrdark214317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

You don't have to buy a new PS3 in order to have a bigger hdd. Just a new hdd. They even show you how to swap it in the owner's manual.

Anyway the price for the 360 hdd is still too high. Dang the hdd costs 149 and an arcade costs 199. So if you buy an arcade and realize you need a hard drive you are screwed. Maybe this is Microsoft's way of making people buy a premium system.

Megatron084317d ago

1.16 and yet it still voids out your warrant to do it.

It still doesnt explain why every 360 topic is over run by ps3 fanboys who are scared sh!tless about the price drop and holiday line up of exclusive games on the 360

MRMagoo1234317d ago

It doesnt void your warranty you spaz how many dumb ppl buy 360s i say its the majority because they always have replies like these its just sad.The hard drive is well above the price it should be well well above it.Plus any of the 360 ppl here complaining about ps3 fans in this thread i can bet you all have posts in your recent history that have been in ps3 threads so dont be so hypocritical.Plus its just funny and lightens up my day to see how 360 owners take it up the jacksy from ms and defend it lol.The 360 is getting caught up on fast and all the whining you can do wont help it.waaaah

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