Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization adds Argo, 'Emotion Void' communication system

Rain will likely be in the game, too.

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Eldyraen2312d ago

Maybe I'm just weird, but SAO never came across as some harem/dating sim till they made the games and now it's just thrown around everyone in them. I know it's not the main focus but it's my least favorite part of the games as some of the interactions are just awful--like Kirito and Leafa

I also wished half of the games from Japan that came to the US were not marginally prettier versions of Vita/PS3 games that basically just get texture boost and some updated character models for ps4 (besides higher resolution). When you look at FFXV and then look at games like Tales/Star Ocean/SAO/etc you just can't get past the fact they're still just focused on old tech and don't even feel ps4 worthy most of the time. 90% of JRPGs on ps4 right now feel last gen and most are decent-good at best if not a remaster. I know not every game will look like FFXV but ps4 (and one but it won't happen often) need more modern looking JRPGs and not just leftovers.