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PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 dig beyond the hype to see how Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 stacks up against Microsoft's big white box.

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billybob6378d ago

Really why post news like this? Do you guys want a bunch of 10 year olds to scream obscenities at each other?

Gamer136378d ago

I don,t care which system is the best - by the end of the year ill get a Wii and PS3 I already got a 360 which is amazing.

dfb19776378d ago

But what are MS doing about the HDMI, Lik Sang have one on their site for pre-order but does anyone actually know if a cable is going to be available. I can't imagine MS is going to punish their customers by making them watch restricted Def movies

The Real Deal6378d ago

Microsoft is a smart company folks. When the HD-DVD player is released for the xbox360 it will display 1080p picture. Whether its through hdmi or componant cables is the question. You can get 1080p from componant cables if the Movies allow it without the code blocking. And its not confirmed that hdmi will be required to get 1080p signal yet. Thats why Ps3 has a 500 dollar version and has already said it doesn't change the fact that its 1080p. So what ever happens when Microsoft releases the HD-Dvd drive it will be 1080p.

TheXgamerLive6378d ago

Go with whatever floats your boat. Besides when there's 3 next gen. consoles out for everyone then games will finally and truly push the full power of a system. We'll see things that we've never even dreamed of, well except that one I had about pam anderson......but hey that's something else, sorry bout that.
Competition breeds better gaming and innovation. I just dont like all the pre game lies that go on about this system and that system. But I suppose it's a part of the gaming world to try to hype up what needs hyping I guess. I personally chose MS and the power of the XBOX 360 as I prefer the more adult titles, I'm not a kid and the Wii is more set up for that and ps3 will certainly go there to some greater extent. All systems probably will but MS and the X will have more games that I like and want like for EX. "gears of war" "halo 3" "Huxley" "saints row" too human" "nnn3" "lost planet" "just cause" "and whatever fantstic new MMO's that are coming our way" This is my taste, and with many comes changing and coming over to our system like DMC4 and several others we know of then to me it's the only clear choice. If you like and believe killzone 2 will actually be produced for the ps3 then go for it, If mario or zelda is what gets you going then go for the Wii and have fun. All systems will also come out with new character gaming that is exclusive to them so it's not going to be more of the same ole same ole, it's going to be a good few years with much new and untried concepts. Lets have some fun. Me, I'm about to go online with Xbox Live and play GRAW, see ya all:)

Gamer136378d ago (Edited 6378d ago )

Ive got my DVD player.
My 360 is for games only.

And when i get a ps3 i will only use it for games and online action just like my 360.

and the Wii is for super mario are mario kart even red steal.

andy capps6378d ago

I believe he's referring to the HD-DVD addon for the 360 and how it may be useless in several years if ICT is implemented and if the Xbox 360 does not have the capability in the future for an HDMI output. So if you're buying it for movies (there would be no other reason to buy the HD-DVD addon) it may be risky if they don't have an HDMI addon because it could be useless in a few years.

But this is a pretty fair article, it's obviously not trying to pick sides. There were a few parts that could be nitpicked, but overall it's a good one.

dfb19776378d ago (Edited 6378d ago )

If I can get away without buying an HD DVD player and the 360 add on is cheap enough I'll go for that. I'm going to stear clear of the add on if it's not going to support full resolution HD movies

andy capps6378d ago

I can understand that it would give you more time to save up money for the 360, and then later get the HD-DVD addon. But with the HD-DVD addon, it will be about the same price as the $599 PS3. All I'm saying is that it's much more risky with the HD-DVD addon than getting the $599 PS3, unless you know for sure that the 360 will support HDMI ouput. If it does, it's just down to your personal choice.

The Real Deal6378d ago

I repeat. Microsoft HD-Dvd player add on will display 1080p. Whether it be through componant cable at first. Or whether they release a Hdmi cable for your 360. Its something that they have already planned on. Think about it. By the many of yall have a 1080p tv? lol....Right now 5% of the population has HD Tv's. But they are 1080i and 720p tv's.

AuburnTiger6378d ago

Listen Real Deal i know you mean well and i'm sure you know a lot about High-def but you cannont get 1080p through conponents cables. It's not just not possible. I'm sorry but you are not real enough.

Grown Folks Talk6378d ago

then phil harrison lied about that too. he specifically said the $500 unit will display 1080p. he also said that you won't be able to tell the difference between hdmi and component unless you have a quote "ginormous tv".

The Real Deal6378d ago

Once again I repeat. As of NOW you can get 1080p picture from componant video cables. Thats why Sony has the 500 dollar ps3 and has stated you still get the 1080p. There won't be a code blocking that from happening until 2012. Which by then there will be another console being released as the life cycle is about 5 years. Read up on it and then come back telling me I'm not the Real Deal. I know and can back what I'm talking about.

AuburnTiger6377d ago

No HD-DVD movies from Columbia, MGM, Fox, or Disney; Xbox 360 requires as-yet-unreleased accessory to play HD-DVD discs; initial HD-DVD players not capable of 1080p output; studios can program discs to not display full HD resolution on older HDTVs without HDMI inputs (though they have not yet opted to do so); "managed copy" details are vague and may involve additional charges.(Cnet)

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