Why Black Lives Matter Belongs in Games (Pressurecast One-Hundred-Forty-Two)

Disney Opens Their Classic Game Vault, Inside Comes to the PlayStation 4, and Ark Survival Evolved Loses It’s Free to Play Version!

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yeahright22303d ago

Got no problem with life imitating art and art imitating life. Just don't shoehorn it in as a way to get buzz. Do it properly or not at all.

DrKarateChop2303d ago

At this point we really don't have much of any real world politics in games. So even if it's shoehorned in, I'd consider that an improvement. There's going to be botches along the way until someone gets it right

The_Sage2303d ago

We don't need any of this crap in gaming.

cfc832303d ago

We don't need it in real life either.

morganfell2303d ago

Well some developers do want to get their opinion out way or the other:

kbozz712302d ago

Would have fit right in with the new Carmageddon, lol.