Activision Sidesteps 'Call of Duty' PS3 Beta Question [Update]

MTV Multiplayer writes: "UPDATE: This story was originally entitled: "Activision Says 'Call of Duty' PS3 Beta Details 'Coming Soon'." But Activision has informed us that their statement may have been premature. All details about any betas for "Call of Duty," including an answer to whether there will be a PS3 beta or not, will be released at a later date."

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DavidMacDougall3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Sry Call of duty ...what number ..0oh right ill be over here at Resistance 2 Beta or Socom or LBP or Home even!

On the list of Betas i want in Call*of*duty ain't even a foot note. The game is just going to be the same as the rest

Megaton3880d ago

Ditto. Plus I'm not exactly giddy over the thought of another Treyarch WWII Call of Duty. Too many better looking games this fall. My wallet is already crying in anticipation.

badz1493880d ago

my wallet is crying due to emptiness! there are too many games I want to buy but too little to spend (T-T)

themyk3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

it's called gamefly people.

use it for multi plats.

DavidMacDougall3880d ago

Enjoy bots it seems its the only love your gettin

Raoh3880d ago


with all the games coming, especially in the shooter category

i'm finally going to trade in my COD4 and GTA4 toward in store credit (not really, i have 2 copies of cod4 and gta4)

but cod5 isnt even on my gamefly que, didnt bother with rainbow six veags 2 or with battlefield.. and i'll be passing with cod5...

InfiniteUnfloppery3880d ago

Resistance 2 will outshine Activisions upcoming Recycled FPS

InfiniteUnfloppery3880d ago

With the Socom Beta live for Action,Playstation 3 players are plenty occupied at the moment.

Therefore,contact us after we're done with the Exclusive Socom Beta,we might consider participating in the Call of Duty:World At War Beta.

ravinshield3880d ago

atleast we get betas from third party companies unlike ur gaystation only gets betas from first party so ya wont feel left out.hahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.