Bethesda is talking to Nintendo about the NX

At QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas, finder asked Bethesda Softworks vice-president Pete Hines about the likelihood of Bethesda Games coming to the Nintendo NX.

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SlappingOysters2304d ago

I reckon that is pretty stand-of-ish. Fallout Shelter yes, Fallout 4... maybe not.

Relientk772304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Finally Nintendo is gonna get games on their console with bugs and glitches. Welcome to Next-Gen Nintendo!

Lol jk, would be cool see Bethesda games on NX though.

Hoffmann2304d ago

It is going to get some of the older (In Summer 2017) Bethesda games probably.

Think Skyrim Remaster, Doom, Fallout 4 "Complete Edition"

wonderfulmonkeyman2304d ago

That would be the Wii U all over again.
Late ports with missing content that everyone who loves third party games will ignore, because they already have those games, in more content-complete forms, on rival consoles.

New. Games. FIRST!

THEN, they can do the old ports.

Otherwise they're just s****ing all over the NX, its fanbase, and their chances of seeing a great deal of future popularity on the system.

Hoffmann2304d ago

Companies don't like risks ..especially when it comes to Nintendo anymore. Too many of them lost money already with games extra made for Nintendo systems. Remember Zombi, the Wii U game that got sold for only 7,95 Euro already 6 months after in Germany.

Face the truth already..Nintendo fans buy almost nothing but Nintendo games for their Nintendo system.

jmc88882304d ago


Hardcore Nintendo fans and children tend to be that way.

But there are a ton of hardcore gamers who are/were fans of Nintendo, and would buy one if it could play all the 3rd party games.

Nintendo 1st party+3rd part AAA devs is a very competitive position to be in. Especially for a family.

It's not that AAA 3rd party games can't sell good on Nintendo, it's that Nintendo designs the system so only the hardcore Nintendo fans want, and thus AAA 3rd party games don't sell well.

If they actually made a system that appeals to everyone, AAA games would sell just fine. In doing so they would lose nothing, and gain a whole lot.

Imagine how many more copies of the various Mario, Zelda, Splatoon and stuff would sell if they had the Sony/MS userbase to sell to.

Being a premium smartphone/handheld style is not a niche that makes much sense. Newer smartphones could overtake the NX quite quickly.

They HAVE abandoned the console fanbase and told them, you'll love our handheld that is not much more powerful than the Wii U.

We're not getting a speed up of franchises for console quality games. If you liked the trickle of Wii U games, that's what you'll get from NX. The rest will continue to be handheld games for a handheld first system. It doesn't matter what Nintendo says or pays money for ads. The fact remains this is a handheld system 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

They just are going to claim that since it can connect to a HDTV, that makes it a console.

_-EDMIX-_2304d ago

@wonder- That's irrelevant it remains to be seen I do not honestly believe in blaming the game developer on a game not performing well on a platform that's technically performing well on other platforms...

Buddy that is like saying Pepsi is not doing well in your store yet it's breaking records and other stores, it's going to beg the question what on Earth is wrong with your freezer in your store? It is not to ask Pepsico what's wrong with their product because when they break records somewhere else it's a very much telling you they are not the problem.

The real issue is Can Nintendo make a platform that is easy to use by Developers and is something they could afford to be viable to create content? Mind you this is the same damn answer that is from any other console maker it is not some damned miracle that these guys are making record-breaking games on other platforms.

Sony and Microsoft provided them the tools to be able to do those type of things , Nintendo needs to do the same if they expect similar results.

But after reading the rumors about it being a handheld and not using x86 , seriously you might want to put those hopes to bed because it looks like Nintendo's quietly exiting the dedicated console Market anyway.

@hoff and Jmc - you're both spot on! Even when we take the architecture and ease-of-use aside Nintendo's fan base is basically not known to even purchase third-party games, because of the environment Nintendos created that's no different than if I don't provide freezers in my store yet I keep buying up ice cream , yet my consumers slowly stop caring about it and only start focusing on the products that I sell.

would one not believe that I purposely sabotage other vendors products in order to have my own get attention in my store?

Nintendo for the longest time I believe has been creating Hardware in a bubble specifically to sabotage the third parties from bringing competition over to their platform in taking away sales from them so by simply making crappy architecture that only they could use they want to deter other developers from creating content that could possibly take sales away from their software.

It's either Nintendo is just repeatedly stupid every single generation with making crappy architecture despite being told by every developer in the industry or they've been purposely doing this the whole time and have no intentions of creating a viable platform for other developers they're creating this platform first and foremost for themselves.

jmc88882304d ago

It's not getting Fallout 4 or Doom, if rumors are true, it's simply not powerful enough for that.

Skyrim Remaster? Probably not. Skyrim OG? It could, but why?

As someone said, something like Fallout Shelter makes sense.

Remember the NX seems to be competing with smartphones not consoles.

Which is why so many people, including many Nintendo faithful will skip it. It's not a console. It's got the power of 2008 behind it, and that's just silly in 2017.

LonDonE2304d ago

You nailed how Iam feeling, people can hype the fact that we will supposedly get more Nintendo games more often with a hybrid system but the problem is that these games will just be handheld oriented games!
I want Nintendo console experiences and not gimped simplistic games made for on the go gaming.

Iam one of those core gamers who ignores handhelds for the most part, remember how sony tried to give gamers console level experiences on a handheld via the psp/vita and failed!!
This is the problem with the hybrid idea.

It will be fine if the console games dont suffer, i just want a powerfull Nintendo console with a decent pad and lots of games both 1st and 3rd party!
We will see how things turn out, but another weak console nobody wants!!

wonderfulmonkeyman2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

"Face the truth already..Nintendo fans buy almost nothing but Nintendo games for their Nintendo system."

Let's take a quote, shall we?
"Think Skyrim Remaster, Doom, Fallout 4 "Complete Edition" "

Now, let's add games from the Wii U's launch to that list; Assassin's Creed 3&4, Sniper Elite V2, Batman, Spiderman, CoD Ghosts/Blops 2, ME3, etc etc etc.

Not a single one of those games did significantly well, because ALL of them were late ports, and many of them had content removed, making them LESS APPEALING TO THIRD PARTY GAMERS.

At some point you've got to start trying to convince the third parties you supposedly want on Nintendo so badly, to take out the pacifier, pull on some big boy pants, and take those damned "risks" that they seem all too willing to take on every other none-Nintendo console launch they've ever supported.
Because taking the "safe bet" of releasing nothing but old ports for their lineup DOES NOT WORK on Nintendo consoles.
The GC, Wii, and Wii U have ALL PROVEN that third parties have been using the wrong approach, if they want third party lovers to form a fanbase for their games on Nintendo systems.
If anything, their modus operandi of using late ports as their headline effort on a Nintendo home console just screws them over more than taking a risk with a new game, because it KILLS future interest in the system from third party lovers, whereas with a new game, at least it shows they put in some effort and have the leeway in terms of gamer's expectations to try again.
With late ports, once they lead with that, that's all gamers expect, and sales of the console that WOULD have come from third party lovers disappear like smoke in the wind due to them never expecting anything new or exciting.

No matter how much one spins it, the fact of the matter is that new games, and new multiplats, have become less risky than relying upon old ports, when third parties begin trying to sell on a Nintendo home console.

New games at launch, as the majority of what's released, show an interest in making efforts towards the latest and most exciting experiences.
Old ports do the opposite; they show that third parties consider the system not really worth their full efforts.
And when third parties show that attitude towards a system right from launch, their core fans will do the same, and drag down the systems sales as a result.

There are two sides to the "Third parties matter to Nintendo's future" coin.
If none-Nintendo fans want to claim that Nintendo can "be saved" because of third party, then they have to be willing to accept the fact that Nintendo's systems can easily be RUINED because of them as well.

Without the RIGHT GAMES from third parties, third parties will drag the NX down.
And late ports are NOT the right games.

Hoffmann2303d ago

Explain why a really good game, Zombi, was totally bombing on the wii U..and why even games like Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 did not sell well. Explain why the awesome Rayman and the great Tekken TT2 bombed hard on the wii U but made good numbers everywhere else.

wonderfulmonkeyman2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

"Explain why a really good game, Zombi, was totally bombing on the wii U..and why even games like Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 did not sell well. Explain why the awesome Rayman and the great Tekken TT2 bombed hard on the wii U but made good numbers everywhere else."

Isn't it obvious that even a minority of good third party games will not be bought, when third parties make so many mistakes with the majority of their other launch releases that it drives third party lovers away from owning the system?

Hell, Zombi U wasn't even intended as a Wii U game; it started as a failed and scrapped PS360 project about aliens. The game pad was the only reason the game got any acclaim at all.XD

Rayman broke exclusivity, losing tons of preorders, and faith, from the Wii U audience in the process, yet still didn't end up doing significantly worse when compared 1 to 1 to other versions, and it still didn't sell huge in any case.
Wonderful 101 was a victim of third party's bad ports, and bad dev decisions, driving away third party lovers, as was Bay 2 (though ironically Bay 2 still did better by comparison than the first game did, beyond raw sales)
Tekken never tried to build an audience with Nintendo's gamers in the first place, and as a multiplat who's fanbase was elsewhere, with bad ports driving away third party lovers, it would have been stupid to expect large sales out of it.

You can cherry pick every single game out of that minority of decent ones on the Wii U if you like, but it's a fact, 100%, that the majority of launch efforts from third parties were games we ALL already had on our PS3's and 360's.
They were system movers on other consoles because back then, THEY WERE NEW GAMES.
On the Wii U, most of them were NOT new games.
They were old games that were repackaged for a quick buck, and those games only served to drag down the few that were worth a damn, by driving away those third party lovers that would have bought the system.
And the few that were new games, had flaws that were only compounded by already-present issues.

It didn't help that Nintendo's advertisement efforts sucked and their own opening line-up was basically barren of truly block-buster games outside of pack-ins, but third parties can't, and shouldn't, take responsibility for Nintendo's flaws in those areas.

Third parties can only take responsibility for the flawed creation and delivery of their own games.

And if they want to lead the charge better on the NX, then repeating the Wii U method of relying on old ports is the worst mistake they can make.

Old ports would not only kill the sales of the worthwhile third party exclusives that hit it by driving third party lovers away, it would also kill sales of the system.

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Summons752304d ago

Well that'd be a nice thought to have TES6 on the go along with Zelda Breath of the Wild. Probably not what they mean but that'd be amazing.

Blu3_Berry2304d ago

I will take their word after the NX has been out for a year, then we will truly get an idea to see how well it does. This goes for any 3rd party publisher. And even if they do support it, will people actually buy their games? That's the real question because I remember everyone was complaining about ports being released on WiiU so it will be interesting to see how that opinion holds up.

mcstorm2304d ago

Your spot on. People forget the WiiU had 3rd party support at the start. COD, NFS, Rayman and a few others but they were all gimped or late releases of the game and when this happens people don't buy them. I'm still going to get an NX with our without 3rd party support as I like more 1st party games over 3rd party ones anyway plus who dose not want to play Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Zelda ect.

3-4-52304d ago

Yea but those companies put half-arsed ports of their games on the Wii U.

They weren't even comparable versions for the most part.

* When good games were made with quality in mind they sold 4-10 million each on the Wii U.

The main problem is Nintendo was basically the only developer making quality games for the Wii U.

A lot of 3rd party's put minimal effort into their first Wii U game to use it as an excuse to justify and reason why they no longer needed to support it.

* It would have helped to have specs like XB1/PS4 though, so I get that.

jmc88882304d ago

Call of Duty was an amazing port, built from the ground up, with gamepad support. Let me tell you it's a lot more fun (and a lot faster) calling in an air strike and pointing to a map of exactly where I want it to go.

NFS also wasn't a half-assed port either. They got it looking a great deal better than the PS3/360 version.

The problem with Nintendo, is the hardware itself.

The hardware is so weak, no one wants to buy it, which in turn gives no developer a reason to make a game.

Because even when they do make good ports (or from the ground up aka NOT A PORT), they don't sell.

Nintendo basically is the only developer for Nintendo systems, because of the decisions Nintendo makes.

The NX, if rumors are true, is no different.

Nintendo screwed up big time if the rumors to be true.

They got an absolute gift by circumstances to catch up to Sony and MS and decided against it. What morons are running Nintendo? Sony and Microsoft both made weak consoles in 2013. So much so, they are creating the Scorpio and Neo now. Perfect time to jump on board, and instead.... they abandon their console users to make a handheld device that can plug in to an HDTV so they can still make their type of games and don't have to move past 2005 with their games.

It's sad. They could have the young and the old. The hardcore and the casual. Instead they are just going for the handheld and casual, and casual won't show up.

Instead of potentially selling 200 million units with two good devices (100 for a good handheld, 100 for a good console), this thing is likely sell in the 35-60 million units. That would be a disaster. Combine handheld and console and only sell that many? Big time disaster. If you are selling a handheld and a console, even 100 million units is just meh.

Plus devs are smart enough to realize that most of the people buying it, is for it to be a handheld.

I can see it now.

Reggie saying to AAA devs: Well we have a NX userbase of 50 million, how come you won't bring over Call of Duty or whatever?

AAA dev: yeah... but 45 million of those people bought it for handheld games, and we simply can't make money

Reggie: But... but it's 50 million units sold... that means you're supposed to make games for us.

AAA dev: Yeah Reggie, but we break down that 50 million to figure out how many are realistically going to buy our games.

Reggie: Aw shucks, we thought you would fall we thought they were the same?

AAA dev: Nope.

That's the problem. The sales numbers are going to be MEANINGLESS from a AAA 3rd party dev perspective.

jmc88882304d ago

Now maybe it gets them to make mobile type games, but it's not going to mean they are going to port their games to the NX, which as the rumors clearly indicate, won't be powerful enough to run a port of their games anyways.

Pro tip: When the NX comes out and a kid who may be inclined to make that smartphone to Nintendo handheld jump asks his/her parents to buy one what is that kid's parent likely to say?

Kid: There's this new handheld that lets me play Nintendo games, and phone type games, and I can hook it up to a TV.

Parent: So you want to play Pokemon Go, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, plus NIntendo games on the go?

Kid: Yeah

Parent: So what is that Iphone I gave you for?

Kid: So I have a phone like my friends have and I can play games on the go.

Parent: Exactly. Sorry.

Nintendo better be careful that the 'red ocean' they talk about isn't really just a desert mirage.

wonderfulmonkeyman2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

"Call of Duty was an amazing port"
Okay, I stopped reading after that sentence, because you are obviously blinded by your love of third party games, too much so to realize the truth.
The Wii U ports of CoD were not great. Gamepad support did not change that.
They were late.
The had less content and never gave Wii U owners the option of changing that via DLC.
Hell, they didn't even get all the PATCHES.

You're entitled to enjoy them as much as you like, but let's NOT pretend that those games, no matter how well they did on other systems, were the games the Wii U needed to draw third party lovers to the system.

The hardware was not the the reason those ports failed to sell.
New exclusive games as the majority effort would have been far less risky in terms of sales potential than leading off with late bad ports as the majority effort, and those new games would have been built from the ground up for the system, which virtually eliminates compatibility issues with the hardware.

The truth of the matter, is that the issues with the hardware are secondary to the fact that third parties did not put out games capable of drawing third party lovers to the Wii U.
How could they draw the same crowd as the PS4 and XB1, when the ones who WOULD have bought those same games on competing consoles, already DID, in more complete forms, on same-said competing consoles?

No matter how good or bad the inner tech is, old ports aren't going to move the hearts and wallets of gamers that already own said ports elsewhere.

Third parties helped to kill the Wii U by releasing games that did not drive interest in the console.
Only an apologist will claim that third parties share no responsibility in how poor the Wii U's launch was, when they delivered too little that was new or exciting enough to bother buying a new console for.

New consoles NEED new games.
Without that, with nothing but older games that had less care and less content, third parties were destined to do more harm than good to the system.

mcstorm2302d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman I was going to put the same as your self. I had BO2 on the WiiU but No DLC for it was pointless.
NFS looked amazing on the WiiU but was out 6 months after it was out on the PS3 and 360 and they wanted full price for it.

For me the WiiU is not a bad console its just not had the games from the 3rd parts to take advantage of what it offers.
Its the same with the PS4 and Xbox one now. No one really supports voice or tracking on Kinect (I know MS kind of killed it but they still don't offer it) The same for the PS Eye/PS4 Controller track pad.

Also how many new IP's do we now get from 3rd party's? Also the ones that are new are not the best to.

For me its all about the 1st party games on all 3 consoles and Nintendo never fail to deliver on theirs imo I have loved Nintendo ips on the wiiu and a great change from all the FPS games that come out YOY.

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